Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy December!

This week's shout out goes out to Maile. She's blind, but she's so happy and open. She's the sweetest. 

What a week! So many miracles and tender mercies. 

Laymon is doing. Interesting. He's meeting with us rather frequently, we just can't quite get him to church, or to stop smoking and drinking. He finally admitted it to us (after he tried to hide it under his side table) but was super defensive about it. He knows he needs to quit though, so we are working to help him overcome that. He likes everything that we say and he's very open with us otherwise. Last week, Laymon asked us if he could join two churches, and Matthew 6:24 came to mind, but I didn't say that. He answered his own question, and it's clear that he truly is contemplating the correct course of action here. 

 Finally caught the Soliman's! Only we are experiencing a lot of strange things with them. We aren't entirely sure what to do with them, because they keep dodging us and it's like. We know Christien is home, but you're going to lie and tell us she isn't? I have no idea what we are going to do, but hopefully we can sort this out soon. Luckily we have the spirit to guide us in what to do! 

Thanksgiving was probably my favorite part of this week. I love food. And this is the day we get to eat as much as we want! We made a lot of visits to members in the ward. They are so kind, I love this ward so so much. Some of our Thanksgiving experiences were more entertaining than others, considering we had some kids at our dinners. So funny. Scissors are not weapons. And we also took apartment pictures for the Christmas card we will be making. I will attach some for your enjoyment. Shout out to Caroline for taking those pictures for us! 

This week we had a zone training, and well. It was good. At the end, they had all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies. It was really neat because a lot of us shared the same things. I feel like there were a lot of lessons learned that we can't even begin to express, but of the ones we did, I know there was someone in the room who needed to hear what we said. And there were different people who, even though we said the same things, needed it said by one person and not the other. It's crazy how the Lord works but it's so good! 

Alright, I will start advertising this because we've been asked to. And I guess it's safe since we have cleared Thanksgiving. The church is putting out a new initiative called "He is the Gift." It's all about the gift God gave us- Jesus Christ. I know I'm so grateful for Him. Without Christ, there's no way I could be the person that I am now. There would be no hope. So I strongly encourage you to hop on the wagon and share. I'm not entirely sure what this means, but you're supposed to use #sharethegift or something. Coming home is going to be interesting. But check out the website. By sharing, you not only change someone else's life, but you change your own. 

Love you all!

Sister Kwan

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