Monday, April 7, 2014

Holy Hotness

This week's shout out goes out to the California weather. 40 degrees and haling Thursday, 85 degrees and sunny on Friday. I'm not complaining, but I sure am sweating.

We survived transfers! Another 6 weeks in Clayton with Sister Underwood. It was kind of crazy because literally minutes before, Kim asked us to speak at her baptism. There was no breathing as that call happened. Transfer calls are almost like waiting to hear if someone made it through surgery...

Speaking of Kim. SHE"S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so nervous and so excited and so are we. This is pretty insane. Weeks of preparation all come together for this moment. Unfortunately, she's been dealing with a lot of opposition, especially from her husband's side of the family. Lots of angry texts and crying, but ultimately, everyone is okay. They prayed and felt at peace with their decision, and I really wish it was that easy with everything. But yes, Saturday morning at 10! So stoked. 

One of the greatest things happened this week. Here we are, sitting and planning. We get a text from a member.
"Where do you live?"
"The apartments by the church"
"Okay I'm on my way" 
And we were like what? Anyways, we walk outside, and this member has balloons. And we were like "Who's birthday is it?" But it turns out that this dear member just wanted to show us her love and appreciation for the work that we do. It truly was a tender moment. Just to know that someone was trying to understand and help was really great. I was just filled with gratitude at that moment, and it really makes me think what kind of member I want to be when I get home. 

Met with Alisa, who has the cutest kids. They are also pretty rambunctious. So I was given the job of distracting them while Sister Underwood taught. I don't think that's how we're supposed to do it, but it ended up being the most effective. We went from constant screams to basically silence. They were watching me draw. Luckily I have some drawing capabilities, be it limited. Using my talents! But she is super interested. She really wants to know for herself, so we are providing her with the materials that will answer her questions so she has to seek the information. 

On a funnier note, it's the strangest thing being hit on by a 70 year old man on the mission. And he kissed my hand. I was like "AH NO AH WHAT DO I DO" in my head. But it started with a phone call. Some other sisters called us and told us to talk to him and so we did. And suddenly he asks "Are you married?" And I was like "No... we are missionaries. We don't get married until after our missions." And he says "Oh. Ok. Well I figured with a voice like yours, you'd have 900 guys chasing after you." So first I was a little insulted because there's always that joke about having a face made for radio. But then I was like eh my voice is kind of low and a little raspy, definitely not radio status. And then we were like "900? That's a weird number." Anyways, it continued when we actually met with him in real life and he also hit on our married member. We left him a pamphlet and our number in case he ever wanted to come to church haha

Warren is... slowly getting it. Super slowly. We all walked out exhausted from our last lesson with him. But it's good, because we are able to help him resolve his concerns and I think he's slowly opening up. He is super concerned for our safety and told us he'd buy us some mace. I'm unsure of whether or not it's going to be one of those spiky ball weapons or if it's like pepper spray, but I'm kind of excited to see! 

In better news, we have a new less active! Cherie, who wants to be active! She is a convert who was Jewish before, but wants to come back to church. We texted her and she said come right over! So we did. We started talking about the atonement, and she really liked that. It's so powerful in our lives every day. Then she went into figuring out who we were without even telling us. It was something along the lines of this:
Cherie: So you (Sister Underwood) are a pisces? And you (me) are a capricorn right?
Me: Uh. Yeah...
Cherie: And let me guess. Your birthday is.. January 9th? 
Me: (Who is this woman...) Yeah....
Anyways she had us all figured out. It was kind of insane how good she is at reading people. We've only talked to her like twice and she already knew us. She's awesome though, and hopefully she will start coming back to church again! 

I don't even know where to start! Wasn't General Conference great? How blessed we are to have a modern prophet today! I loved the talk about the 4 minutes. I couldn't even tell you who said it, but I loved how he related our life to the Olympic events. Our life here is a short time, a small moment if you will. And for someone like me who lacks foresight, I have to break it down into even smaller segments. As of right now, it's the mission. And all these things that I've already learned, are going to help me in the next "4 minutes" of my life. I know God lives. I know He loves us. I know there's a lot in this world that will make us happy, but not a lot of things that will bring us joy. This gospel and the knowledge of God's plan for us will bring us that joy. Some things will make us sad, but I know that Jesus Christ has already felt everything that we go through, and His hands are always extended towards us to lift and comfort. May we all do the things we need to in order to have this joy.  

Take care! Love you all :D
Sister Kwan

Shoot. I forgot my camera cord. Look for next week! We played chubby bunny...

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