Monday, March 31, 2014

"I would've fasted 40 days to make sure he was the right one!"

This week's shout out goes out to... I haven't thought about that one a lot this week. Well. Since I can't think of who to give it to, I'll just give it to myself. Oh and Ashley, who has a birthday this week haha

Enjoy this picture of my tanlines! It's almost a badge of honor. 

Wasn't the women's broadcast awesome this week? For real though. I loved all the videos. Because I was wondering how they'd keep the attention span of all these 8 year olds, but I was totally impressed with the way they did it. And like within the first 10 minutes I was already overwhelmed. It was a fantastic meeting and I strongly encourage everyone to watch it. And if you've already seen it, re-watch it. And start preparing for General Conference this year! Bring questions. Find answers. 

Kim is doing awesome. There are literally no more words, but she's so stoked to be baptized! I just hope I make it through transfers to be there. Dang. It's like waiting for your mission call on a smaller scale. We had a really fun family home evening with them with some families from the ward and it was crazy. Just kids. Everywhere. And I guess it showed the importance of having it, because it's not always going to be perfect, but it's the consistency that matters. 

So this week we met Francisco as we were walking on the streets. 
Francisco: "Yeah! I'm a Mormon! But I'm less active."
Me: "Well you should come to church! It's literally like right there."
Francisco: "I didn't know it was there!"
Me: " long have you lived here?"
Francisco: "10 years"
Me: "Well. You can still come!"

Anyways we stopped by his house later, and he was home with his wife Marina. Who is awesome. She was raised Catholic and she knows that it's not the true church. And she let us teach the first discussion right there. And we asked if she would be baptized if she knew it was true, and her response was, "Ye-probably. It's a big decision!" And it was just a really great thing. Like I remember while we were saying the closing prayer, I couldn't help but smile and it was like the smile you get when you know someone likes you back haha but seriously. She was just really open, and they both realized that they aren't alive for no reason. There's a purpose, and I think this is it. Super excited. 

One of our less actives wanted us to meet with her mom, and so we did. She thinks her mom does better when she's not in the room, so I guess she was just sitting quietly in the next room. And her mom got baptized 5 years ago and she's 90+ so we had to yell. It was weird praying at those decibels. Anyways, we decided to read 3 Nephi 17 with her. When we're done, she runs in like, "That was a really good chapter. Why were Jesus' bowels filled with compassion?" And we were like "Uhhhhh" but it turns out that it's just a place of a lot of feeling. My first thought was, "My love for you is like my bladder- Always full and sometimes I just can't hold it in." 

We knocked doors in the rain for an hour! It was so fun! Haha but it poured. Like the windows of heaven. And we were dripping wet. But people were pretty nice when they opened the door. One lady was like, "I'm totally Catholic, but I respect you for what you're doing. I couldn't do it." So that was nice. 

This week's thought is on a talk by Brad Wilcox, "His Grace is Sufficient." I highly recommend this to everyone. Because it's super good. It talks all about how you've never fallen too far to come back. And it's true. I still have a hard time comprehending it, because I'm me. Even when I try to do my best, it's nowhere near enough. I make mistakes everyday. But that's okay because Christ makes up the difference. And it's all good.

Love you all!
Sister Kwan 

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