Monday, March 10, 2014

Shamrock Shake #5

This week's shout out goes out to USPS, for creating these AWESOME HARRY POTTER STAMPS. I literally went searching for a post office that had them. So. Cool.
Well. Because I feel I have an obligation to respond to e-mails sent to me, I have neglected writing this e-mail. However, I will do a quick update on investigators, and then include a thought of sorts. 
Bob- praying for a date to be baptized! Slowly getting it, but we are re-teaching everything because it seems as if he's forgotten.
Kim- praying for a date too! She is latching on to everything and is just wonderful. She is learning and studying and it is so incredible to watch her and how happy she is with the gospel in her life.
Dann- currently sick.
Karen- meeting with her Thursday!
Warren- meeting with him... soon! 
Audrey- we are awful missionaries and forgot to meet with her. We will be dropping by soon with chocolate and endless apologies.
Alisa- hopefully meeting with her soon! 
Kelani- minor problems because she can't read. Praying super hard.

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I found myself writing. 
"Yes, Satan works hard so we work harder. I could literally feel the adversary working right before I went on my mission. He is very powerful and he knows us so well! The veil doesn't exist for him. And that's why we have to stay strong. Inadequacy is a normal part of mission life- we all deal with it every single day, but it doesn't matter because Christ makes up the difference. This isn't our work, it's His. And He will get it done, so it's a matter of if we will join Him and be ready. 
Okay if someone said teaching a lesson is easy, you know they haven't been in the field. Ever. Because there are so many little things. You will (almost) never have a golden investigator who knows all the answers and comes with no concerns. Everyone has them, and the only way we can resolve them is by the spirit. We teach people- not lessons. So every single lesson will be different. If something worked for one person, it probably will never work again. But know that what ever you do, as long as it is prompted by the spirit, is the right thing. If you listen, you will be at the right place at the right time and say the right things. People are my favorite part of the mission. There are so many of God's children just waiting to have the happiness that Christ is able to offer them and we have the chance to take part in that. God has trusted us with His children and we are able to work miracles with Him. How blessed are we to have this calling! I know you have been called by God to serve. There are people there waiting to meet you- not me, or your companion, or anyone else, but you. There is something that only you can give them, and I know that as you prepare and do the things that you need to, that you will find these people. No matter how bad your Spanish is, or how little your knowledge of the gospel is, everyone speaks the language of the Spirit. The Spirit testifies of truth, and that is all we teach. I know God lives. He loves each and everyone of us. There is nothing He wants more than for us to be successful. We are promised that as we are obedient, He WILL bless us. I know He called Joseph Smith to be a prophet in these latter days, and through Him, we have the Book of Mormon. How blessed are we to have this knowledge, to know the truths that have been lost for so long, but have been given to us by a loving Heavenly Father. And how blessed are we to share it."
May we all strive to stand a little taller each day.

Sister Kwan

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