Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 9 Months :)

This week's shout out goes out to Ashley. Haha. Happy March!
So I've been out long enough to have a baby! Woohoo! Haha but it's probably the fastest 9 months of my life. And now for the downhill, which is supposed to be super fast! Crazy! 
It was a week of miracles, let me tell you. And it's going to be a short one, because I used the time that I should've spent writing e-mails to go shopping. Now you know where my priorities are.

Speaking of shopping, malls are crazy places. I never realized how often they play music just everywhere until I stepped in and I was like "What is this stuff?" And it's like. The music they play is either from before I came on my mission, or it's repetitive with absolutely no meaning. So I'm kind of glad that I don't have to listen to it for now haha
We had 3 investigators come to church! It was exciting. We had NO idea what to do with ourselves. We had to get one acquainted with people, and the other had a friend so it was all good. But then in Sunday School, Bob came and he came late, and we're standing outside the door, and the teacher says, "Sisters, can we help you?" And I was like "Umm.. we need a whole row.." And they all moved! And that's how I, Sister Kwan, parted the sea of people so that we could have seats. Big thanks to those who moved. 

They mentioned something about shirts on Pinterest that say "Please forgive me for the things I said in hunger" - I'd consider that accurate. 

Showered with blessings of new investigators. We met with a less active family, and they want to start coming to church again! And they have a 9 year old daughter who they want to start taking the discussions. Her name's Kelani and she's. Peculiar? That might be the right word. She asked if we get baptized naked. The answer is no. 
Audrey is our 88 year old friend. It's funny because we went to visit, and she was like "Hey! Let's go visit my neighbor!" and here we are, helping an old lady cross the street and it's super windy outside, so the last thing I want is for her to fly away. Anyways, it turns out her neighbor is Mormon and we were able to have a lesson there! It was kind of amazing. 
The miracle of the large print Book of Mormon. So they don't print those anymore, and we were out looking for one for a member. We had a triple, but not a single. It felt pretty hopeless, but then we were at a member's house for dinner and I got the feeling to snoop around their books. I mean, who does that? Anyways, I did it, and there it was. This MASSIVE Book of Mormon and I was so grateful. Luckily, our member was more than happy to trade and actually felt like he had the better end of the deal haha but it's so great to see how the Lord still works with us. Even if we don't deserve it, He helps us. Why? Because this is His work. He isn't going to stop it just because we shouldn't be blessed with miracles, but it's a matter of whether or not we are willing to take up our cross and follow Him. Be the person He needs us to be. And that's all the Lord really expects of us, isn't it? :)
Love you all. You're the best. Write me yo.

Sister Kwan

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