Monday, June 24, 2013

San Frannnn (June 25, 2013)

Things are so WONDERFUL!!!


Sundays are so great. Almost as good as Mondays since you all get to hear from me, but seriously.

Shout out to my mom, who even though I forgot to ask for socks, still sent me some!

And shout out to Shea/ Hermana Taylor headed to Afsdjlks, Mexico! Woohoo! (No that's not actually where she's going but I can't remember)

My toes are now officially a different color than the rest of my foot. Thank goodness I have freakishly long toes so there isn't an awkward stripe across my foot.

Weird request, but we get to listen to music! And I have none. So if anyone would like to make a mix CD of uplifting music with non-romantic lyrics, that'd be great. Obviously I miss Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz and Imagine Dragons and Tangled... but really anything is good. We are stuck with David Archuleta right now, who isn't bad, but it's been DAYS. OF THE SAME. 7. SONGS. Anyways, all I have to offer in return is a heartfelt letter. Which is better than money, since it's from me. Compliments are by far the best form of currency.

So we got here! Oh my goodness the weather is gorgeous and I love it. You can see the temple from the airport and it is sooo great. Unfortunately, the temple is closed for now, but it's still pretty. My area is Danville, CA, also known as the place where Phineas and Ferb live. Still looking for Perry. But me and my companion are over two wards! Alamo 1 and 2! And that means 6 hours of church! 9-12 and. Oh man.

My companion is Sister Slaughter! I think it was probably at some point Laughters, but the mister probably got upset. Anyways, she's awesome. She's from Sandy, Utah, where ever that is. I'm pretty sure it's sandy everywhere in Utah. She's been here for 12 weeks and she's got it all down. I'm just trying to learn everything as best I can, cuz there's soooo much. But I'm learning! We get to drive, which is awkward because since she's driving, I have to back her out of everything haha. I have no idea what to do so I tend to just do the robot. I actually don't think I'm allowed to dance so I should probs stop. Obedience. And for the sake of the poor souls who might be watching.

We had a baptism! I'd like to say it was an instantaneous conversion, but that would be lying. She's been meeting with missionaries since December, so it's about time It was so great though. Juliette really felt the spirit and we are so glad. She's 37 and currently going through some family issues, but she is staying strong. What a boss. 

Strange application of language skills. We were teaching this Hispanic guy named Eli. Probably/definitely drunk, but anyways. He wants to learn Chinese so I was like "oh hey I speak that!" So we did for a little. It was odd though, I will say that. I never figured my language skills would work like this but, God works in mysterious ways...

We've taught a fair amount of people. Here the focus is on less actives, which totally makes sense. If you can't retain the old members, how can you retain the new? The people who have opened their doors are so nice. Like, some of the sweetest people I've ever met. And I guess I say that about everyone, but it's true.

First Sunday was great! In the 9 am ward I was kind of not really conscious. So I was kinda lame. But I woke up for the 12:30 and they had me go up and talk and I was like "I am SO STOKED to be here and-" and I was like wait I don't think I can say that so I turned around and asked the bishop and they said it was ok. So I continued like "I'm Sister Kwan, I'm from Philadelphia blah blah blah blah if there's one thing I've learned so far, it's that I know nothing." And everyone started laughing. I guess it was funny but I was being completely honest haha but the ward loved it. People came and talked to me about it, so we're praying for more dinner appointments. Haha jk but only sort of. And wasn't that broadcast last night great?? Every member a missionary. I just wish I could've been at the MTC, but it was still awesome!

We went to Costco today for p-day with the other sisters in our district. And we met the nicest lady! She bought us lunch and took pictures for us and sent them to our parents. Members are so great. She said she would never do that for elders though haha so today, I am grateful to be a sister.


Quick spiritual thought! So many people can't see Gods hand in their lives, but the thing is, it's in everything. So I challenge you all to look for it. Be it the people you meet or just little tender mercies. It happens ALL THE TIME.

I love you all!

Sister Kwan

Week 2 MTC (June 17, 2013)

Hey Everyone!

Here's a joke for Ashley:
Why couldn't the missionaries eat dinner?
Because Moroni hid the plates! hahahahahahhaha.

Shea- I sure hope you have every intention of telling me where you're going on a mission, because Fanfan told me you already got it :P

Lauren B- totally wrote you a letter back but it went to Ashlynne's address...?

Anyways, this week has been crazy! I leave on Wednesday, so don't send things to the MTC! 

Where do I even start.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where my camera cord is. So there's no way for me to send you pictures haha.

We go to devotionals at the Marriott Tuesday night and last time they were like "oh btw this whole west campus is in the choir." so we did that. For the sake of everyone around me, I held my peace.

We met with this investigator who, we aren't sure if she really is or isn't since they don't tell us, but the power was out and it was hot. Her name is Luanna, she's from Arkansas, has cancer, really reallly sweet. We start talking, and getting to know her, and it's great. Then I was asked to pray so I'm like ok. I start praying. And suddenly, I feel myself slowing down. Like it came out soooo slow and I questioned myself but I went with it, and the last thing I said was "please bless that the lights will turn on, and please bless that no one will get hurt because of it." Literally 3 seconds after the amen, I kid you not, those lights came back on. And that is the power of faith.
Our progressing investigator, Dani, who's actually our teacher, is doing really well. Last time we met with her, I felt the prompting to ask her to pray. She said no, but then I was like "Dani. I can promise you that if you will pray with us right now, you WILL receive an answer immediately." So. Bold. Like I would never say that myself. She agreed after that, and man. Such a wonderful moment, because she really felt it. So, so strongly.

Companionship strugs- Totally thought this would be easier. It was a good learning experience though.

I don't think I have anything else to say! But I hope all of you are doing well. We were talking about the power of the Holy Ghost in guiding and directing you daily, and it is so real. Such immense power that I could never imagine, words coming to mind that I wouldn't say. Church is true.

Love you all!
Sister Kwan

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Week what uppp (June 10, 2013)

Hey everyone!

The MTC is fantastic. I'm actually not on the main campus, they opened a new one at Wyview so it's different. Classes are smaller and a lot more intimate but it's a lot better, I think. I'm leaving the 19th and I actually only get an hour on Mondays to do e-mails, so letters are greatly appreciated. There's this thing called and you can send me e-mails there that will print out so I get them that same day! Crazy right? Do it. I am sooo busy but I'm so excited to hear from people!

Funny story, on the plane ride here, I sat next to a sister missionary going in the same day. Apparently, 1,000 new missionaries came into the MTC that day. There's over 4,000 of us here right now and my goodness. So crazy great.

My companion is Sister Underwood and she's from Florida. She's not the typical kind of person I'd associate with because we are soooo different. Like honestly, it's almost ridiculous. I will admit, we have had a couple... miscommunications of the minorest degree that led to things of a greater degree if that makes sense. But I think we will be ok. It's funny because all the girls in my district are in my mission and the other district in my zone is all going! They are all such wonderful people. Like, it's just. Fantastic. Fan flippin tastic.

The other day, craziest experience of my life. Like I have been crying soooo much these past couple days. Ridiculous. But for good reason! My teacher, Bro Farnsworth had this lesson all planned but he stopped and he told us this story about this girl who broke her ankle, and they gave her a blessing, and she could walk. Then he asked Sister Goddard who is a fantastic missionary why she was crying, and she shared her conversion story, and then I started crying, and he asked me and I couldn't get two words out but they came back to me after they went through everyone. It was such a great experience, like the spirit was so strong in that room that. I just feel such a great love for all these people. Because I had been praying to know like why in the world I was supposed to be here now. I felt so inadequate and like I didn't deserve to be around these great people. But sitting in that room, I knew that I was supposed to be here. Like, there is no doubt in my mind at all.

Anyways, the church is true! I hope you are all living wonderful lives :)

Sister Kwan

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sister Kwan's Favorite Scripture & Contact Info.

Alma 36:27

"And I have been supported under trials and troubles of every kind, yea, and in all manner of afflictions; yea, God has delivered me from prison, and from bonds, and from death; yea, and I do put my trust in him, and he will still deliver me."


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Sister Wing-Suet Jeannie Kwan
Jun19 CA-OAK 
2023 N 900 E Unit 821
Provo, UT 84602

From June 19, 2013 - Dec 5, 2014

Sister Wing-Suet Jeannie Kwan
California Oakland/ San Francisco Mission
4945 Lincoln Way
Oakland, CA 94602

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