Monday, April 14, 2014

This week's shout out goes out to Kim! She's so great! 

"If you haven't been offended lately, you haven't been to church"

Kim's baptism was magnificent. It was seriously one of the best things ever. She was literally glowing. And it's like one of those moments where everyone knows it's going to happen but when it does you're like "Is this for real?" But it was great. Pictures to follow! We went to the visitor's center after, super peaceful and they were really able to feel the spirit, which was great. 

We always walk by these two girls in our ward as they're walking home, but this time they saw us walking with bleach and duck tape in hand. Not sure what they thought haha

Had a Relief Society activity, 40 meals in 4 hours about creating freezer meals. The sister who gave it did a great job and we were helping her clean up. Then as everyone's leaving, she goes, "Where is my car key?" And we were like aw no. So we were searching back and forth for a pretty long time. Just back and forth from the car, to the church, and back. And again. And nothing. So we drove to her home and got her spare key, and came back. We go inside to leave a note on the board about a lost key, walk back out and right in the middle of the sidewalk. I look down and I was like "Oh. Here's the key. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK." So we found out. The best part about this though, is as a result, we were able to fix her car (with duck tape) and clean it out for her! She was so grateful, but that didn't really matter. We were just glad to help. 

We saw a lady smoking on the street in the dark and I was like "HEY THAT"S MYRA" so I pulled the car over and we got out and talked to her. She's still not totally interested but she goes, "I told my daughter some girls tried to clean my house the other day. She started laughing." Hopefully we run into her more, she could really use more hope in her life. 

The other day we got the opportunity to share a thought with a large group of people, which I did. From like the back row of people, I hear this lady go, "She's a good speaker. I can hear her..." and I started laughing so I couldn't hear the rest of the things she said. 

It was a week of cancellations. Nonetheless, it was a good week. 

This week's thought is on Easter. I didn't even realize it was Easter until yesterday, but it is! This is the season to remember Christ. It's kind of a big deal, because it's not every day that someone takes upon them all your sins and afflictions and pains and then dies and then is resurrected. The best part is that because of Jesus Christ, we can all be clean! And live again! It's the best deal ever, because we don't have to pay anything for it. By the grace of God, we can repent of our mistakes and live with God again. Do we deserve it? No. Do we try and earn it? No. Do we want it? Well, that's the question. Sure we are saved, but if we don't try to be more Christlike, would we want to live with God? Probably not. And that's it, really. If we want to be WITH God, we have to be LIKE God. It's kind of like. Sure I want to be with fish. But if I'm not fish-like, then I'm going to drown. But if I try my best to grow gills (bear with me on this one) then I'll be able to swim with them. Either way, I hope you get my point haha. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! 

Sister Kwan

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