Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Holladays

This week's shout out goes out to Jesus Christ. Go here and watch this

Kim went out with us to teach a member family. She was awesome! We talked about the resurrection and she killed it. That totally came out really weird. But anyways, she did an awesome job teaching with us. And she made us Easter baskets! She is so nice. For real. 

So we were like kind of sick this week so we were confined to the apartment. It really wasn't that fun. I guess you'd think that it would be, but really you just feel super guilty for not working haha but we did get to watch The Lamb of God! It was really good. You should watch that too.

This week Bob called us asking for a journal, and we didn't have time to go out and find him a journal. So we were looking around the apartment, and I had bought one at Ross the other day, and the other was from Kim and it was pretty girly looking actually. As I looked at the one from Ross, which was leather with a lot of uplifting messages and it snaps shut, my thought was "He's so frustrating. He doesn't deserve this." And at that instant, I knew I had to give it to him. Because the most important things in life aren't things. And it's really just a journal. It was just an interesting moment where I had a huge switch of perspective, and it was actually pretty neat.

Hitched a ride with the Alvarez family to stake conference, which was in Oakland. It was insane in that her kids are kind of crazy. We were trying to play car games and the attention span was shorter than goldfish. (And side note. We caught a caterpillar this week and gave it to them. I was really intent on calling him Mahonri Moriancumr, but Sister Underwood wanted Johnny. So they named him Sticker. Because he sticks to things.) But it was enjoyable because who doesn't like a little dysfunction? Right? The perfect family is a lot harder to find than most of us think.  

Anyways, since I only just realized the other day that it was in fact Easter, I was like oh shoot better start studying. So I picked up my Bible. And I ended up comparing all 4 gospels and it was really neat to see all the things that piece together to create the Easter story- the story of how Christ lived and died. And lived again. And it's kind of crazy when you really think about it. I'm going to break it down.
So you know you have 24 hours to live. What do you do?
You celebrate the passover. You wash your 12 best friends' feet. 
Then you go to a garden and take on the sins, afflictions, and feelings, of everyone who has lived, is living, and will live on this planet. Your suffering and agony surpasses anything and you want to stop- but you understand that if you do, then hope for all mankind will be lost. 
One of your best friends comes up and kisses you. Next thing you know, you're getting arrested.
Following your arrest, you get some completely unfair trials and you just keep getting beat up.
The beatings continue, and most people die from the things you've been handling. You suffer in silence.
Finally, these people you grew up with decide that you need to be crucified. So you do. 
Now this isn't your typical final 24 hours. Let's REALLY think about this. Would you be able to? No. Because no one else could do it. And everyday I just think. How grateful am I for what He did? How much would I be willing to suffer for myself AND others? But only through Christ can we be cleansed from sin and be released from our feelings of guilt and shame. Only through Christ can we start over, and REALLY start over. It's all because of Him.

Happy everything :)

Sister Kwan

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