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This week's shout out goes to dinosaurs! Only they aren't real, so it actually goes to Katherine Almostmarried Phillips! And no, the date isn't until August 17, but I figured I would forget since I have no concept of time anymore. I figured we should all take this moment and spend some time to just think. Think of how awesome Sister Kwan is because she basically orchestrated the whole thing. Naw I'm just kidding. Katherine is like 6 feet of awesome and motherliness and he's a cool guy. They're going to be awesome even though I'm still like eh 19 is too young. But yay for marriage! Sort of

This week was AWESOME. Like all the other weeks. I'm trying so hard to keep these things short but I swear it's near impossible.

Our recent convert got more custody! Yay! The day before we just decided to show up at her house with scriptures, and we knock on the door and she is like "OH MY GOSH. I WAS LITERALLY JUST READING MY SCRIPTURES AND PRAYING AND I GOT SAID AMEN AND LITERALLY THE DOORBELL RANG AND I WAS GOING TO ASK YOU FOR SCRIPTURES AND OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE THOSE TOO" and no, she wasn't yelling. But she was excited and you can't capture that well in fonts. So anyways, tender mercies yo.

We went to a relief society activity with out investigator, Glendoris (the recycling superhero), and it was like this swap exchange thing. Either way, I left with this thing that heats scented wax so you don't need a candle? We used it and it smells nice but I was like "yo where's the fire" and it's just a dinky little lightbulb. What concerns me though, is that the lightbulb gets hot enough to melt wax. That's definitely fire hazard status but whatever.

We had to clean the apartment at some point, and I couldn't tell you when because again, no concept of time. I was vacuuming and I was like "this vacuum sucks" hahhaaha I just got my own joke. Anyways, I figured I'd try and fix it and I see all this hair stuck in it. And so I sat there like "alright let's get the scissors out" and I sat there for like 20 minutes giving a haircut to this vacuum. Honestly, you could've made a wig out of all that hair. And this is pretty gross and stuff, but I felt the need to share this. There should be like a vacuum awareness month because that hair was probably sitting there for decades. Nasty.

And then there was ward council. One of my wards is super great at missionary work, and the other one... it's kind of frustrating. We were sitting in ward council and we spent 10 minutes discussing fruit. Not like, all the different kinds of fruits, or the flavors. It was a discussion about how the pioneers didn't have fruit. And sure, maybe we are having a linger longer this Sunday and we're having pioneer food, but I'm pretty sure this discussion only needed a "yes. let's get 2 trays of fruit" and not "pioneers didn't have fruit, why are we getting fruit? That's the theme!" "what if someone wants fruit? then what" and ugh. Apparently this isn't even the worst that's happened, but honestly. Make good use of your time, because it's just stupid fruit.

But the best part of my week was exchanges! Typically this is when two sister training leaders meet with two sister missionaries and they swap so training happens and what not. BUT it's kind of hilarious because there was one sister training leader with a new missionary (like me) and then me and my companion. And the swapping ended up having me with the new sister, who I totally met at the MTC and she's way cool. But I was like "dude. I get to do exchanges with this totally awesome sister who knows just as much as I do? This is going to be beyond fantastic." And it was. It was hilarious, like beyond anything haha. Her name is Sister Tsan and she's from Hong Kong and she's English speaking, but we came out of the MTC together and we had talked before. Our first lesson was a foreign exhange student and Sister Tsan is teaching in broken Mandarin, and she looks at me randomly and I'm like "This might seem like a dumb question but... do you pray in Chinese or English?" Turns out, he was trying to pray in English, and l was like "hey man, it's alright because God understands everything." Which is totally true. He understands semi-conscious Sister Kwan in the morning talk, why not Chinese? Anyways, that was fun.

The next day was just a lot of driving around and trying to find people. We hit basically their whole less active list and there were a bunch of slammed doors. One woman was like "I'm not a fan of Mormons" so holler to all the people that are fans. Our transfer ended at 4:15 and it was 4:10 and I was like "okay. let's do this last house and go" So we're looking for this lady and we get to the house, and her son Jason is home. We talk to him for a little and he's way smart. He's totally covered and tattoos and probably could've killed us if he wanted to, but no, we had a nice discussion about the apostasy. He like knows something is wrong with everything, and he told us he believes in Jesus AND the law of Moses. Which, I'm not sure how that works, but maybe it does. We were like "well here, this is the Restoration pamphlet and things will probably make a lot more sense after you read it. When can we come back and answer your questions?" and he says "well I do want to meet up, but I was out with my buddy and we were both on parole and he broke his while I was with him and the cops told me to sit tight and wait to see if I get arrested too." Totally met an ex-con, best moment of the day haha. He was so nice and genuine though, I really hope he got out.

This week's thought is on love. Because I'm getting married too! Haha just kidding. Like you have no idea how much I'm kidding. But no, the kind of love that makes you want to do nice things for other people. Ultimately, we are all God's children. Sure, you fight with your siblings. But if it came down to it, you'd still fight the bully that picked on them. That's how we need to treat everyone around us. If you go in to talk to someone with the mentality that you are going to convert them, you won't get anywhere. But if you go in wanting to befriend them and love them, that's where the magic is. The gospel will naturally come over time, and even if it doesn't, why not make a couple more friends? Friends are pretty cool if you ask me.
Anyways, I hope everyone is having a fantabulous summer! Stay strong!


Sister Kwan

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