Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tick tock on the clock, but my watch has broken off now

Oh man. This week has been. No words. I am having such a hard time typing too haha. But anyways, CRAZY!

First matter of business, as suggested in my subject, yes. I have mastered the art of stopping time so that I don't need a watch anymore. I am limitless. But no, I wish. Actually my watch broke so I don't know anything about time and such. Soon I won't even have a concept of where I am. Awkward.

This weeks shout out goes to Ashley. She wrote me two letters and I had to pay 20 cents because you can't send coins through the mail. All about them bills yo

On Tuesday we stopped by the chair because some wonderful children of God decided to put this crap piece of furniture on our lawn. And the second ward said they'd move it, and the first ward said they'd move it, but no one did. I can't say I'm surprised though. But anyways, we took it upon ourselves to move it. So we did. And we went to the bathroom and holy crap it was like the biggest congregation of everything I've never wanted to smell in my life. Of course the toilet is clogged. And of course I take it upon myself to fix it. It was weird though because someone like flushed half of the chain and I was like "the heck how does that even happen" but anyways I just used a paper clip. It's holding up as far as I know. I am most definitely NOT going into plumbing.

And I totally did not write "your mom" in the dictionary on page 376 and write the page number in my companions planner since she's going on exchanges and she can find it later today.

The other day I was like "I totally miss my guitar" and God said let there be a guitar, and there was. No joke. We pulled into Eli's house. He's the drunk guy who won't change his ways but one day he will. Anyways, there was just a guitar sitting outside and I was like hallelujah and I swear it was a tender mercy, if not a miracle. Maybe next time I'll be like "I totally miss Taylor Swift" and she will just sort of appear.

One of our investigators/lady who removed her records from the church has decided to be re-baptized! She is such a nice woman. She has a heart of gold and she's so willing to take care of people. Literally, her house is filled with people who work for her but would otherwise not have a home or a job. She had a miracle happen to her and she hasn't felt the desire to drink coffee since. I seriously hope I'm around for her baptism, otherwise it'd be super sad :(

We taught this guy named Alex from Reno. He was... interesting. He talks a lot. Like A LOT. And it's all relevant-ish. He told us about the visions he's seen. And spirits and good people and bad people and it was a good lesson though. He's super nice and if he lived in the area, he'd totally be baptized. He knows it's true. He says he feels something in the church he's never felt before and he's way awesome. He's a cowboy haha he totally came to church in boots and a cowboy hat. So cool.

Annelise went to girls camp and LOVED it. It is such an awesome tool for feeling the spirit and I can't imagine a better place to be. And unlike the girls camps I've been to, bad things like lice and fleas did not occur. Lucky ducks. But she gave an awesome talk, first time ever speaking in front of that many people, and rocked it.

So big news! Transfers are next Wednesday.  Can you believe I've been out 6 weeks? I can't either. But look at this

"I have started working on transfers, and this is going to be a major effort from just about everyone. We have three missionaries who were new just two weeks ago, and at transfer we will get 31 permanent missionaries and 7 visa waiters. Then a couple of weeks later we will get three more. That is 44 missionaries. As if that weren't enough, by time those 44 are all here, we will have one half of our mission who have been out four transfers or less. Yes half the mission will be new missionaries."

They might give me, Sister Kwan, a brand new missionary. I'm like what the heck the Lord could trust me that much? Either way, we will see. I'll find out if I'm training on Wednesday and then on Saturday they will tell us where we are going. But dang.

Holy cow I feel so bad I'm just trying to crank this out cuz I'm not sure if I will be able to get on later and I have 2 minutes. Spiritual thought... Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. I'm not sure if I've used this before, but I just really like that. Pride is the sin of comparison and it's like crazy but I don't have much time to explain.


Sister Kwan

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