Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Save Me, San Francisco

If heat could kill, I would be dead. But seriously, it's been like triple digits here. And the bay has been about 50. Which is where I got the subject from, with no reference to the awesome song by Train. I love it here though, and it'd be weird if I was somewhere else. I think. Anyways, it's been hot. But I figure I can get my tanlines going. Heat makes it sink in more, right? And no one tell me otherwise haha I can't use google. This week I had to be a momentary spider slayer and it was kind of cool because I leaped and used the bed as a spring board and crushed the spider with my shoe. That probably sounds kind of lame but it's actually really cool. And my companion thinks there's a mouse in the house, and I wouldn't be surprised. But she's super scared of them and I mean. I've never had to deal with them so it's like mice? Mice are cute. At least for now.

So I'm learning that where we are is apparently the richest part of the district. Like, 5 million dollar homes. Which kind of explains why we haven't had much success tracting. More on that later. But I was at this investigators home, and I asked to use the bathroom so they were like sure. And I walked in, and it's a bidet. Like those super fancy french toilets with like heated toilet seats and no need for toilet paper. It was an interesting experience. If I'm rich, I'm not sure it's the best investment. I will however, invest in chickens. Half the ward here has their own chicken coop and it's actually really cool. They always give us eggs and there were GREEN EGGS. Like legit Sam I am and green eggs and ham type stuff. Not on the inside, just the outside. And apparently these eggs are healthier too! Way cool. And turkeys roam free here. And I held the cutest little puppy everrrrr and if I can figure out how to send pictures, I will because I just bought a camera cord hahaha

This week was not nearly as successful. We did a lot of street contacting and tracting in spite of it being the hottest week of the year, and we got some pass along cards out and thought we had an investigator but we didn't. She totally told us to come back at 4 on Sunday and then they totally weren't there. But she was nice and hopefully we planted some seeds. We didn't get any door slams though, people are really nice. Like a lot of people were like "It's too hot for you to be outside!" or "We aren't interested, but it's really respectable what you're doing." So not really discouraging, but they still wouldn't take the awesome pass along cards we have. Sometimes I wish missionaries had the power to like momentarily remove agency and convert everyone, but I think that's contrary to everything we teach. I'm hoping that the lack of people opening doors is because it's summer and everyone's on vacation. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it :)

We hit a lot of less actives this week, and a fair amount of them came to church! It was exciting. We are teaching this family that has the CUTEST puppy EVER. I just sat there and held it. We watched "The Testaments" with them, which is a fantastic video. If you haven't watched it, I would highly recommend it. It's about an hour long. I was almost crying at the end, but I've learned how to control it haha. The spirit was so strong. The only issue is that the dad's hip was bothering him, the wife fell asleep, and the daughter was distracted by the puppy. The spirit was there, and I really hope they felt it, but I'm not sure. You never know with people. But they are all so wonderful. They are all SO nice here. I'm not sure why they are, or what I did, but it's great. It's funny though, because one of the wards is a lot wealthier than the other, and you can totally see the difference in the people. I mean, everyone's nice and they're all living the gospel to the best of their ability, but the not so wealthy ward is so much more laid back haha. They are both great though.

I'm attaching pictures because it's working! There's a picture of the puppy (just look at the puppy. it was hot and I was tired and we had to leave or else we'd break curfew) and the girl we baptized and green eggs and speckled eggs and me and my companion with the mission president and his wife!

This weeks thought:
Humility isn't thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself less.

Love you all!
Sister Kwan

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