Monday, October 21, 2013

A Farewell to Arms (because they've been slaughtered)

Sister Slaughter is having a transfer tomorrow!
This week's shout out goes out to Sister Slaughter. Hopefully we've opened your eyes enough to prepare you for San Fran haha lucky dog. 

Dang what even happened this week.. We lit off fireworks the other night. Totally illegal in this area hahaha they were just small ones. 

Oh dude we set up and worked a 60th anniversary party for 60+ people. Insanity. The set up was normal, just like 10 tables and 60 chairs, no big deal. I guess they hadn't mowed the lawn, so the daughter's out there with a pair of scissors. It was hilarious haha We used GLASS PLATES with CHILDREN. I was like "Wait. Wait wait wait." I'm surprised none of them were broken. But holy dish pile. And the people were all... not in their prime anymore so we had to escort a couple and get them food. It was a very good party. Great food, great people. 

Carving pumpkin day on Preparation day!

Sister Chen

We got to teach 2 first discussion this week! In one day! And we didn't have dinner! The sacrifices we make, goodness. We taught Becca, who's 14, and a member of our ward's niece and nephew. 
We were going to teach Tallia, who's 9, but... she's a bit of a. She's basically gotten everything she's ever wanted and doesn't need anything else. Or so she thinks. But yeah things will be interesting. 
I gave a training the other day! I taught on listening. Which is crucial to just about everything. If you aren't listening to people, you should be listening to the spirit. But I think it went really well. I think we all learned a lot. If not, we learned not to let me teach hahaha
 Sister Lerubwara
My companion's pumpkin

We got to teach primary, I forgot how cute kids are. There's only 13 of them, but still. We talked about missionary work and their first question was "Why can't you go swimming" I don't really know why. I think Satan might have power over the water or something, I don't know
This week's thought comes from a song. It goes something like this "Regrets collect like old friends, here to relive our darkest moments" and well. It's true. Sometimes our lives get crazy, and we all make too many mistakes. But we shouldn't let them get to us. We just gotta keep our heads up and let the Lord carry our burdens so we don't have to. And it's definitely not easy, our biggest mistakes are the hardest to let go of. But it's possible. 
Keep on rollin (like a stone)
Sister Kwan

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