Monday, October 28, 2013

"I'm afraid of ghosts. And sheets with holes in them. And regular sheets. I'm a hufflepuff."

This week's shout out goes out to the moldy pumpkin we just threw away. Gross. 
So I got a new companion, Sister Olsen. She's kind of insane but in a good way, not the bad way. At least thus far. She's been in San Fran for the past 10 months, so I guess the crazy kinda rubs off on you eh haha no, but seriously. She's great. We work pretty hard and it's just. Good. Great. Awesome. 
Tuesday I dropped off Sister Slaughter at the mission home and I had a 3 hour wait period. So I hitched a ride with the Visitor Center sisters. Actually they recruited me to help them move. So I got to visit Berkeley! It seems really cool. I wanna go there. But anyways, we're moving all this stuff. Like food, clothes, like who knew sisters needed that much. Well, we do. We get to the door, and the door is locked. So the sister pulls out the key to open the door, and nothing. There we are in the middle of Berkeley with like 5 suitcases and a locked door. Here's where the story gets good. I'm with 2 other sisters, and one of them pulls out a screwdriver. First of all, wow. I wouldn't think to carry around a screwdriver, but I guess it's totally necessary. And she pulls all the screws out and nothing even happened. So I'm like here let me use this bobby pin. I had it all ready but I didn't have enough leverage and torque to twist it. So, if anyone wants to send me a lock picking kit, feel free. But yeah, just picture 2 sister missionaries at a pink house trying to jiggle the door with a credit card and a bobby pin, and the other sister missionary making calls. 
Met this lady on the street and she had this mega brain tumor and she's a walking miracle. She also has a pet goat. But she really believes in Christ and we are going to start teaching her! Hopefully. We are going to go back and rake leaves and such and then try and teach her. She's so nice. Her and her fiance got us some soda and just talked to us for a really long time. 

We got to go to this really cool choir concert that basically all the youth in the ward were in. They did a fantastic job. Monte Vista. They are traveling all over Europe this summer, lucky dogs. They really did a great job though, it felt like. Actually hold on. Maybe I will commission them to follow us around and sing. This is it- this is the choir I've been looking for to follow us around. Just kidding. Sort of. But it was a really great concert though! Obviously it was boring like most are, but. 

Trunk or Treat this week! Man I miss Pretty Little Liars. I was so stoked when that family dressed up as them. Also, Becca came dressed as the lady joker from a comic book. She's so creative. And then there's Bella, the ex-con. She's the cutest. The other day in church we offered her a brownie and she kind of looked happy enough to cry. And then there's the angel and the devil. That's probably my favorite this week. I was going to have them sit on my shoulders, but they said it'd be a bad idea. The one who dressed up as a devil is Sarah. She's like my favorite, I love her haha. Then the angel is her friend Erin, who just moved here from Jersey. God bless her. She said her brother lives in Bryn Mawr and I was like "OH MY GOSH ITS SO GOOD TO HEAR THAT" I don't really know, it's weird but you kind of miss things like that when you're away from them for so long. So we talked about the shore and the east coast and I was just really happy afterwards. It's such a small thing but I'm so grateful

Speaking of gratitude, Thanksgiving is coming up! There's so much to be grateful for. But we were in young women's yesterday and they were talking about it and it really is important. No matter what, being grateful will make everything better. So I'm too lazy to count out how many letters are in the alphabet and I'm not sure when Thanksgiving is, but I would like to extend a challenge to all of you. If you will start today at the beginning of the alphabet and list all the things you're grateful for starting with that letter and go until Thanksgiving (So like, start today and do the letter A, then tomorrow do B, and so forth), I can promise that you will be happier. God blesses us a lot more than we are aware. And I'm so grateful for everything I've got. 

Love you all! You're the toppings to my pizza. 

Sister Kwan

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