Monday, October 14, 2013

The Chanting's Back Pt. 1

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What an area this is. To be completely honest, I don't really want to leave. Me and Sister Slaughter are doing great. It's actually kind of weird that you can live 4 months with a person and not totally hate them by the end of it. It's different. And it's weird because we actually had a really really slow week. Appointments dropping faster than this state into the Pacific Ocean, mean people behind doors, trying to find people to teach and finding no one. And yet. I sleep pretty well at night. But I think that's because I've done everything I can and I've worked hard, so I'm grateful. 

I'm 95% sure we found Kristie Yamagutchi's house. She's got the most gorgeous view. And she drives a BMW convertible. Smart woman. 

We had exchanges this week! Me and Sister Ierubwara ran around knocking doors. All day, erryday. It's the life. All our appointments fell through that day haha but there was this one door we were super grateful for. He didn't have interest in the church, but he really liked the "Witnesses of Christ" card we gave him. He was blind though, but I'm sure he will feel the Spirit. Then he gave us these interesting drinks. With no sugar or calories or protein or.. anything.We still have no idea what it was haha but we were super grateful. We will have to go back sometime. 

I don't remember if I ever wrote about this, but the other week there was the MASSIVE black widow. I didn't want to step on it because. Ew nasty. So the girl runs inside her house and comes out with a freaking blow torch. It died. 

Remember the girl who sang with us in Sacrament meeting? Well, she came to Young Women in Excellence last night and wants to get more involved! I mean, she told us that she came 50% for food and 50% for us. Not bad. I think she is going to be great. She committed to reading the Book of Mormon and she WANTS to know that it's true. It's insane. The Lord has blessed us so much. Honestly, she loves us though. Transfers are coming up and I've got an iffy feeling in my stomach. Not enough to make me nervous, but a little uneasy. 

The Broby's and our mustaches! :D
A tree fell on Glendoris's car and she had a bill she needed to pay on the dashboard so here come the missionaries. I'm like standing there in a skirt with my arm in the car, and Sister Slaughter's got a metal broom to hold up all the broken glass. Tempered glass still shatters. So I mean, yes, I got cut. But they aren't Celestial Kingdom worthy, they're just minor cuts. 

My companion's pumpkin

Pictures from this week... a member invited us over to celebrate her son's birthday! He's in Berlin on a mission. And my district! And carving pumpkins! Guess which one's mine... And 'staches. 

You all are cooler than the flipside of my pillow. Rock on. 

Sister Kwan

Guess which one's mine... And 'staches.
Sis. Chen made 'Scary Potter'

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