Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Crazy and the Crip..........ple

This week's shout out goes out to Ray-Ray the raccoon. If I'd been driving, I would've swerved but... I'm sure you made good decisions, take care little buddy.
Holy cow it's been a long week. 
Started this week with an exchange. She's been out like 8 weeks now, so it was pretty fun. We were out doing some yard work for our investigator, Kristi, and we made this huge pile of leaves. And of course, I jumped in it. She refused to, she said she saw some mushrooms or something. But Kristi is super awesome. She had this huge brain tumor and was supposed to die, but here she is. She's totally fine. It's a miracle. She loves God and she really just wants to be like him. She's golden, but right off the bat she told us she doesn't want to be baptized. So we are just going to keep meeting with her and serving her :) But she's so nice, she fed us PIZZA. That's a sure sign of a good person. And she had some like horse chestnuts or something on her lawn from her tree. Super bitter, don't eat them.

This super nice family lets us go to their house on p-days and do laundry, and they have the cutest little dog, Trixie. She sat and read scriptures with me haha
We have another new investigator, John MXXXXw.  My first encounter with him, I was ready to punch him in the face. Totally un-Christlike. But he has some major issues with the Book of Mormon and he's been taught on and off for the past 5 years. We were talking about how we got the Book of Mormon and he was ranting and raving and totally upset by the fact we put the Book of Mormon at the same level as the Bible, but we started talking about the Plan of Happiness. And he was quiet. HE WAS QUIET. And I was like "HOLY GOLDEN SILENCE" and we told him all about it, and he said he's not "sold" but he doesn't think it's wrong. Booyah. He said he would keep studying the Book of Mormon, but we've gotten further with him than the past couple missionaries have. And I'm slowly starting to like him. Slowly. 
Tallia dropped us :( She has no desire to learn and her parents aren't going to push her. 
Becca's doing great! She had an awesome time at Youth Conference and apparently met some boys. Woohoo! But she's reading the scriptures, praying, and she takes what we tell her and processes it and gives us these awesome metaphors in return. She totally gets it. BUT we technically haven't asked her parents if she'd be allowed to be baptized yet. Oops. But we will! She's great. 

So we have this stupid parking spot. It's between two poles. Who builds these things? Anyways, the other night Sister Olsen was getting out and POP and she didn't think about it, but the morning after... yeah, she's kind of crippled. I mean, I guess she probably isn't actually. But it's funny because the day she was in a lot of pain, we were having dinner with a ward member who just happens to be an orthopedic surgeon. And get this, he was leaving for Italy the next day. The Lord loves His missionaries, let me tell you. Either way, she hobbles along. And I run downstairs at night to grab the ice packs and what not...

Got to peel wallpaper. Like 3 layers of it. But it gets like wet and cements to fingers and clothes and you're peeling... Sure is a test of patience. I'm pretty sure the lesson here is to paint, not cover. Otherwise you'll spend hours recruiting neighbors, friends, and missionaries to come peel it off. And your house will be covered in random strips of paper. 
So Happy Halloween, only not. We got to do Haunted Housecleaning. Get it? I thought it was pretty tricky. We cleaned everything and its mother. And there I was with the vacuum again. I ran around looking for the scissors, and remembered they were in the car. Luckily (or unluckily) we found this random pair of nose hair scissors that belonged to neither of us. I'll attach pictures. 
A cat came into our car! Only, I forgot my cord, so I'll put that picture up next week. 

And on the super awesome day of Americans believing they can control time (AKA daylight savings), we lost. Hard. We set all our clocks back and stuff EXCEPT THE PHONE. And this thing goes off and I was like "I'm still tired. I don't feel like I got more sleep, and it's still dark outside... but I'll be good and just get up." Then our bishop texts us at 9 and then everything started making sense and I was like "IM GOING BACK TO BED" so I did for an hour. But like, the one day we get to sleep in... we don't. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of expecting major blessings for accidentally... yeah... 
This week's thought comes from Becca, who learned this at youth conference. So, giraffes. They can kick lions. Which probably looks ridiculous, but they're super strong so they can decapitate lions (or so I was told). But apparently there was a picture of a lion eating a giraffe and the reasons were because 1 It was wounded, 2 It was alone, and 3 Its foot got stuck in a rut or something. That giraffe could be us. Sometimes words hurt us, or people hurt us, and we let ourselves get taken down by it. Sometimes we've wandered and hang out with the wrong crowd or we refuse to let anyone in. Sometimes we've wandered into a place where we can't be strong and we get in trouble. Either way, these can all lead us down a path that will ultimately hurt us more than it will help. We have to apply the Savior's atonement. We have to stick together. We have to stand on a firm foundation and stay away from the ground that will consume us.  
Hope your weeks are all gobble-tastic!
Sister Kwan

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