Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission Lyfe For Dayz

This week's shout out goes out to Ling! Happy birthday kid. You're the best. Everybody hit her today
Just kidding. 
What even happened this week. 
I was basically never with Sister Olsen this whole week. Tuesday I was with Sister Park and Sister Evans. Wednesday I was with Sister Nelson in San Ramon. Saturday I was with a whole bunch of other sisters. 
BECCAS GETTING BAPTIZED ON DEC 21!!!!!!!!!! So stoked. So so stoked. I've been waiting for this moment my WHOLE mission. Seriously. She's so ready. She's so great. She's the cutest ever and she has the best responses. We did ask her "If your friend invited you to go shopping on Sunday, what would you say?" And she said "I would say yes! But I would keep Jesus in my mind at all times." And we were like hmmmm. Anyways, she's totally on the right path. She's the best, love her. 

San Ramon was the cat's pajamas. Honestly, it's so different. And Sister Nelson is the bomb diggity. She's the coolest. And I made her hot chocolate and left her a note that said "This cup of hot chocolate isn't even hotter than you!" I have a future with Hallmark. We were teaching this Chinese class (they didn't tell me they all spoke Cantonese until the end) and here we are in the park. I'm listening, because I can understand the Mandarin, but I'm responding in broken Chinese haha. Really they just repeat the English words. We just do pronunciation. But halfway through, I feel hands in my hair and I hear a sniff. This girl came up behind me and sniffed my hair. It's a good thing I showered. Seriously. But she did that and walked off like nothing happened. And then she came back and sniffed Sister Nelson's hair and shoulder, and got super close and said "WHAT DOES THE CHICKEN SAY? WHAT DOES THE COW SAY?" Not gonna lie, kind of super freaked out. But, it was okay. Sort of. 
We are still teaching John. We had to Kanye him a couple times, but it was necessary. Our member, Sister Coons, just shut him up. She's awesome. She's probably actually my favorite person in this ward. Seriously, I love her so much. But she bore a powerful testimony and told him things she knew as a convert that we didn't. We are still going to talk to him, but he isn't reading the Book of Mormon :( 
We had like a 1 second earthquake. That was kind of fun. 

Got to go to another wedding. Pretty sweet. Got to meet all these awesome people. One lady told me she misses the shore. It was like music to my ears. You never know how much you miss the east coast until you leave and people start thinking you talk funny. I totally DON'T have an accent. Yo. BUT there's a certain lingo that you only hear in the East coast. And I miss the shore. Sigh. But anyways, met this really nice girl named Sarah, who might potentially be interested in the church! But she lives out of our area, so we will send her on. Seriously, she's the sweetest. She got in a photo booth with us to take pictures! I'll figure out how to send those on next week. And we met this lady, who a couple months ago, we knocked on her door and she yelled through the door "WE AREN'T INTERESTED GO AWAY" so we did. But, we met her and she totally like. She loves me basically. And I don't say that in a super self centered way, just that she told me to try on a ring and she told me she'd make me one, that's all. Either way, she's invited us back to her house. Call in the choir. For real. 
Stake Conference/church was in Oakland, so we hitched a ride with Bishop Smyth in his 12 passenger van. So it's 8 amand it rolls in and the Elders are getting a ride with us. They have 6 kids, but one is on a mission. So technically they didn't have to, but it was more comfortable for them to take this van. We had a great stake conference though. Learned a lot, which I will talk about in a bit. Afterwards, Bishop says "Do you sisters want ice cream?" And Sister Olsen says "We kind of need to go back and plan..." And Bishop says "Well. We are getting ice cream." So we did. But not breaking the Sabbath! One of our members, Brother Perry, works for Nestle. So we go into this huge corporation and there's an ice cream bar. Not like one bar of ice cream, but multiple gallon containers of ice cream. Soooo good. It was really really great. Totally worth it haha
Seriously, the members here are so nice. They are like the best examples of being wealthy yet humble and so giving. We were just outside and a member offered to buy us lunch. And everyone is always taking such good care of us and I am so so grateful for all of them. I write about it in my gratitude journal! Words can't describe how grateful I am. They're all just so thoughtful... 
We had this great talk about being "all in" to the gospel. One of my favorite things he talked about was having a legacy of kindness. A lot of times you remember those who are mean, but more often than not, you remember those who are kind to you. You may not remember their name, but you remember their kindness towards you. That's something we should all shoot for. We don't need personal recognition, but we want that kind of legacy to follow us. I shared that story a couple months ago about my co-worker (at least I hope I did, because I don't feel like re-typing it) and I maybe not remember her name in a couple years, but I'll remember what she did. It was great, and I'll always remember her for that and be grateful. 
You're all like sunshine- you make everything better :)

Sister Kwan

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