Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Turkey Dayz

This week's shout out goes out to my mom. Sorry I missed you last week. Happy (belated) birthday! 

Seriously, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Well. It's like half a notch under Christmas and half a notch above my birthday. On Monday, this sister calls and says, "Hey, we are having a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my in-law's house and I am inviting a non-member family over at 6!" Obviously we have to go. But then we already had a dinner appointment at 5. So, like the good missionaries we are, we had two dinners. Booyah. I refer to it as Thanksgiving Pre-gaming. Totally ready for this holiday. We have 2 or 3 dinners lined up with families since we can't knock doors, but I'm stoked. Love Thanksgiving. 

We were at an FHE with the insanely adorable Allen family and we were playing Apples to Apples. They have this super sweet idea where they make their own cards. How genius is that? So you keep the green cards and make your own red cards. So we're playing, and the word is "Depressing." I put down "Going to jail" because that's depressing. Maddie, the oldest, was the judge and she goes through and she says "All of these make sense as depressing, but Papa Swallow?" And it got really quiet for a little and Allie says "...Grandpa Swallow isn't depressing" and we all just bust out laughing. Sister Olsen unknowingly insulted a whole family. 

Taco miracle. Monday after we left the chapel, I was like "I really want Taco Bell" and Sister Olsen just laughed. But we drive up to John's house to say hi, and we're talking to him. Then his son rolls in and guess what he has? Taco Bell. Booyah. 

We were at a park at like 6 PM and it was dark outside but we found these two people on a bench with their dog and started talking to them. They were discussing their relationship, totally awkward for us but the girl was totally open. Her name's Lisa. She's awesome. We hadn't even given her a Book of Mormon and she's like "Yeah. I'd love to read that. Do you have one?" And I was like "YES WE DO... hopefully it's in English." I'm not really sure what happened, but we have all these random language Book of Mormons in our trunk and none in English. I think we have one, but only because we stole it from the Danville sisters. 

Knocked some doors the other day. This lady saw us and we were casually talking and she goes, "The Church of Jesus Christ... of Latter-day Saints? That's scary!" And she literally backs up and we were like "What's scary?" And she backs up more into her house and starts shutting the door and was like "You'll get saved somehow!" and shuts the door. We were like "The heck?" She was legitimately scared of us. And we've had people run away from us, but this was insane. It seemed like she thought we were the spawn of Satan or something... 

Had an incredible lesson with Becca. She's really something else. We actually invited a couple young women to go with us, Alyssa and Tori, and we had a great lesson with Sister Waldron. It was great. We read 2 Nephi 4, which I encourage all of you to read, it's great. But sitting there with each other, we were able to get a lot out of it together and I know Becca felt the spirit while we were there. It was so awesome because Alyssa bore a super powerful testimony. She got all emotional, it was so cute. She's going to be a great missionary. But it was moments like that where I knew it was a great lesson. Hopefully Becca will come around soon. Soccer is ending, so she should be able to come to church now! :) 

We taught John and the first thing he says is, "So I was reading on the internet..." And I was like aw naw. The internet is never a good sign. He tells us that he thinks the Book of Mormon is a fraud, and he's concerned for us because we're good people. Silly John. We talked to him and luckily we had some really great members who were able to talk with him and he's resolved to continue reading it. What a miracle. 

WE SAW WENDY!!! I guess she went to Paradise, which is actually a place, and she also found a job striping, meaning painting the stripes on the road. She is really something else. She's basically running it even though it's basically bankrupt. She works sooo hard. We helped her get the water out of her truck bed because it rained like crazy the other day. She's so funny though, love her. She said she's basically not living there with Russ anymore, which is too bad. 

Walked around for about an hour, rakes in hand, knocking doors, and asking people if we could rake their leaves for them. We got a lot of "Oh that's so sweet but we pay for someone to do that," but it was still really great. Me and Sister Chen (we were on exchanges) didn't really rake anything except for porches as we got there, but we were more than willing to help. 

Everyone keeps bringing up the fact that I prayed for pizza. I've only prayed for it once, when I wrote about it a couple months back. I think this is one of those gifts that just keeps giving, because I think we only DIDN'T have pizza once this week. Sister Olsen's been trying to stay healthy so she's been kind of mad, but I'm pretty happy. Like really happy haha I love pizza! But yes, God is very mindful of us. 

We did another musical number in Sacrament meeting, only we recruited some young women to do it with us. On a voluntary basis,  they just really wanted to help us haha the youth in this ward are so great. Awesome testimonies, awesome voices, awesome faces... whole package haha

So this week's thought comes from 2 Nephi 4. It's verse 29, which says "Do not anger again because of mine enemies. Do not slacken my strength because of mine afflictions." This really hit me. It's hard to be patient with not only others, but yourself. And I'm running out of time, so.

Love you all! Maybe the attitude of gratitude be with you!

Sister Kwan

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