Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where Was I? (11/18/2013)

This week's shout out goes out to all those people I haven't written back yet. My sincerest apologies.
This week was insane. I only saw Sister Olsen 2 days out of the week, and I was roaming the Danvillage. PS did you know Danville has the highest clothes per capita in the NATION? Lifestyle of the rich and famous yo. Anyways, Sister Olsen had this huge 2 day meeting with all the leadership in the mission. So I was in a trio with Sister Chen and Sister Ierubwara. They're the chillest. We pretty much rocked it. Minus that we almost set the apartment on fire with the tea bag trick again. Maybe we should stop? 
Becca dropped her baptismal date :( It was super sad. We are still working with her, we are very hopeful. She is the sweetest and you can tell she believes. We just aren't sure what happened to make her drop it... But the Lord knows what she needs, so we are going to leave it in His hands and He will let us know what we can do to help her. 
Tons of miracles as we talked with everyone. People are so cool. At least most of them. Some of them are actually kind of mean. But they are still children of God, and everyone deserves a chance to hear our message. If not, we just leave them feeling better than before... 
I learned how to fill tires this week. We are borrowing this new car since a raccoon destroyed our front bumper. It's a Chevy Malibu. I don't really like it, but I am grateful for a car... But this thing is a boat. It's HUGE and our stupid parking spot between two poles is nearly impossible in one fluid motion. Anyways, this car starts beeping and telling us it needs air in the tires. I had no idea how to do it, but this kind man came up and helped us. Not only did he help us, he also paid for it. How nice is that? We didn't even get to ask his name or anything, he just took off. Random Acts of Kindness. It's the thing to do. 
We wanted to invite Glendoris to a baptism, so we had a stake out outside her house, waiting for her to come home. She didn't for awhile, so we left. Bummer. But we came back later, and she was home then and we were all standing on her porch and she says "Well, I won't be at church on Sunday" and I said "Oh! Well you should read... Chapter 20 in the Gospel Principles book" I had no idea what that was.  Looked it up the next day, and of course it's baptism. Do I have a sweet sixth sense or what? Haha just kidding, it's the spirit. 
There's been a huge push for gratitude this week. In Relief Society, they shared 5 steps to battle materialism, which is kind of the same thing:
1. Know who you are (It's more of what you are, not what you're wearing. But wear clothes.)
2. Know where you're going (What's your end goal? There's more to this life)
3. Be grateful (You don't have to have it all to have enough)
4. Think outside yourself (You are not the center of the world. Unfortunately.)
5. Be wise (Don't be stupid. Use yo brain.)

I'm super tired, so I don't really have much else to say, but I hope you are all having a fabulous week. This week is supposed to be great, like all weeks. But mostly this one. For now until next week. 
Love you all!

Sister Kwan

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