Monday, January 13, 2014

California Casual

This week's shout out goes out to Haagen-Dazs. Thank goodness for your white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. 

So we taught our Bishop's family on Monday, and his wife goes, "What do you want for dinner on the 8th?" and I was like "What ever you want to make is good!" And then she grins and says, "I know your secret, tell me!" She got me good. So we had spaghetti and meatballs for my birthday dinner, followed by a huge sundae. It was pretty awesome haha but yes, I'm 20.. it sure doesn't feel like it. I don't think birthdays really matter, because none of this is about me. It's about something bigger than all of us, and I don't think there's anything I'd rather be doing right now. I did, however, completely own one of those claw stuffed animal machines. In 6 minutes, with $3, I got 4 stuffed animals. Booyah. 

Got to be with Sister Park for her first door slam! I'm surprised we made it this far without one. It was like this:
Him: Are you Mormon?
Us: Yeah...
Him: You're not welcome, she doesn't live here, now go away. 
I guess he wasn't too happy that day... 

We visited Carol, who is a less active. She's hilarious. She warned us of the dangers of San Francisco and was telling us about "California Casual." Apparently only the rich people here wear suits. Or I guess the missionaries, but that begs the question of what everyone else is wearing. She very quickly informed us it's usually polo shirts or dress shirts and ties, but it could also include nothing. I started laughing. Can you imagine walking into work and your co-worker walks in naked? Unbelievable. She considered coming to church this week though! She's getting there. I think we'll get her to come at least once before I leave.

Speaking of leaving, Sister Park is headed down to San Ramon 1st to be in a trio/trilogy. Guess who my companion is? Sister Underwood. It's going to be interesting. I think we've both probably grown a lot so we are going to rock this. 

We got Bob to come out to Why I Believe. It was so awesome. He cancelled on us, and I sort of yelled at him as kindly as possible (still working on patience) and promised him blessings, and then Sister Park played the transfer card. Then he called us back later and said he'd go haha. He really felt the spirit. And we found out he kind of gets mad at God a lot for not giving him back his left arm, so we took him to the visitor's center. He sat in front of the Christus for a good 10 minutes. And he was crying. He's so ready to be baptized, he just needs to come to church. My goal is to get him to church and hopefully in the font this transfer. We can do it. And he's right there, we just have to... push a little. 

Met Jason, who's very into the Bible. He knows A TON. It's insane, but you can tell he doesn't have much faith. He knows it, but he doesn't believe it. Which is very different. He has a couple pages of teaching records from missionaries, but I figure why not try him again? Everyone deserves a second/tenth/hundredth chance. He's really nice, but he really likes to talk. He knows SO much. It was neat though, because I said I'd love to learn more from him and he said he'd love to learn more from us. Score one for us :) 

Here's another story on how I know everything happens for a reason. So I really had to pee and it's 7 and it's dark out and everyone hates when we knock on the doors. We're cruising these streets called "The State Streets" because they're all named after states, and here we are on Indiana, and I go "Hey a member lives there! Let's go!" Sister Espinoza is so awesome. Her door is always open as long as she's home. So she let us in and it was the best. It gets better, because she referred us to her neighbor next door, who was actually home for once. She wasn't really interested, BUT she had a vacuum outside. Which we needed. Double blessings! Woohoo!

Jeff and Joan are the best. They're like grandparents. We came over on a really really cold day and they invited us in for hot chocolate and it was really just. Nice. We are so blessed. They are so sweet. As for the gospel, they kind of don't do anything. I'm not really sure why, but I still have an inkling that she's reading it without telling us. 

Thus ends another transfer. At the end of this next transfer, I will basically be at 9 months. Wow. This week we, as a companionship, have been working on diligence. And working hard... is hard. But we're promised that if we do it, we will have no regrets. Which is kind of what I want. The last thing I want, is to have wasted 18 months of my life, doing nothing. And this is the Lord's time, it's not mine. Just gotta work as hard as I can, and hope it's the best. And... that's all I've got

Love you all :)

Sister Kwan

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