Monday, January 6, 2014

-Insert Generic New Year Statement Here-

This week's shout out goes out to... me. I've lost the ability to age, so I will be 19 forever. Darn. 

New Year's Eve. I loved Monsters University. But I loved Despicable Me 2 more. For sure. I was looking forward to it so much. The thing is, I haven't seen a movie in 6 months. Everything was HILARIOUS. And it wasn't just me. I think the fact that we've all been deprived of movies for at least 6 weeks helped a little. However, Despicable Me 2 was probably really inappropriate for missionaries. Romantically wise. Oh man but I loved it. So great. 

Went and visited a 95 year old lady. She was so sweet, she kept telling us about the ladies (on the TV) that were singing with us. And I've never really done this, but she asked me to play guitar and sing for her. It was an odd moment, I never thought I'd be serenading a 95 year old woman, but hey, I think she liked it. Or at least she didn't hate it haha but it was a 12 string guitar. Way cool. 

We had a lesson with one of our 16 year old members and we decided to do the law of chastity. It went something like this:
Me: So what IS the law of chastity?
Him: It's uh.. not doing the.. staying away from the... not touch... uh... 
Me: Ha.. yeah something like that, it's actually...
It was so funny. I felt so bad for him but I think it was a good experience for him. I think. 

We had a really tender moment with one of the families in our ward. He's 18 and decided not to join the military so he could go on a mission! But a lot of really powerful testimonies were born. Beared. I don't know. But it was really great. He was telling us about how great of an example we were and that we actually inspired him to go, and it was so tender. It was tangible evidence of the work we were doing and some real time impact. It was so awesome. 

Ran into a less active who was out smoking on her porch. She's from Missourah. She hasn't been to church in years because people wouldn't answer her questions and men and the priesthood, but I think we are on the right track to bringing her back. She loves us, which is always a good thing. She seemed to really consider her options, so that's a plus. 

We spent our New Year's... serving! Yay! Haha we actually started with dodgeball and McDonald's, but that's a different story. We helped this lady, who's basically a hoarder, clean out her house. She kept trying to give us money, but we were like "No! We can't take that!" and she thought we were weird. We saw a bunch of trash on the road, and we started picking it up, and this guy came out and helped us. Turns out, he's married to one of our less actives! It gets better, because they blessed their baby in church on Sunday. This baby came in rocking a white tux. Booyah. And his name was. Wait for it. Donald. Danger. Diaz. But it was way cool that we actually met this guy and he just happened to show up at church. 

Our focus family got married. Surprise! We walk into the chapel to teach a lesson, and there's a bunch of people setting up. I was kidding, but I go, "What, is there a wedding or something going on?" And they're like "Yeah! Didn't you know?" And we've been teaching this family for months. We should've known really... But, it was a nice wedding. They seem really happy, and they're preparing to get sealed in a year! Woohoo! 

Our less active spent half an hour telling us about mermaids. I always knew they were real, but I guess there's a boatload of evidence now! I knew it. And it's been an odd week for dinners. We've had some pretty crazy kids. Which has been hilarious, but still. Literally, bodies flying, and strange threats. Wasn't really sure what to make of it. Today however, we played volleyball and soccer and it was kind of life threatening. Which is totally fine haha but we were down in Alamo and I was like "Hey it's warmer." And I see these girls from the first ward, and we make eye contact and I'm like "Hey!" and one of them looked at me like she'd seen a ghost hahaha. Poor kid. Man I love them though, I was in like normal clothes and they were thrown into a minor shock. 

So mid week last week, I decided to work on patience. The Lord sure does work quickly when you least expect it. Our investigator Bob who is golden but refuses to go to church, calls us during Relief Society (we have sacrament the 3rd hour) and says he's too nervous to go to church. I was ready to throw the phone and then drag him to church. I was SO frustrated and my mind was just like flying with insults, but I held it all in until he hung up. I haven't felt that frustrated in awhile haha but I guess investigators bring out the best and the worst... and the Lord knows how to try us, holy cow haha I have a long ways to go. 

I hope you all had a fantastic (and safe) New Years Eve! 
Love you all!

Sister Kwan

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