Monday, December 30, 2013

What do you say we leave for California...

This week's shout out goes out to the New Year. I will own you. 

What a week. It's been insane and we've got another great one coming up! Woohoo!

So first off, forgot my camera cord again. Not that I'm really taking pictures. But I bought this Taylor Swift perfume set, right? And I open the box, and the perfume bottle is empty. You got me good. I think this is some sort of weird karma for back when I was really intent on selling bottled air on eBay. What goes around comes around... 

This week was a lot of nail polish. Which is weird, but I can't say no. These little girls just really wanted to use their Christmas nail polish on me. So I had my right hand and my left foot painted for awhile. Unfortunately, they weren't really up to mission standards so I had to take it off... It was pretty well done though, only half my finger and half my nail were painted :) 

We went caroling on Christmas Eve! It was super fun. We aren't that fantastic, but we caroled in front of a big crowd of people that were just standing there. They sure got the show of their life haha we stood in front of Mr. Christmas's house, and he changed his name to say that. The house was decked out though, it was really sweet. Then we went to this apartment complex, knocked four doors at once, and started singing. They really really liked it. It was super awesome though, I guess people don't really go caroling anymore, because everyone was telling us about how great it was that we were keeping up tradition. 

Our fridge is full of food. Members are so nice. We have pizza, KFC, a freaking ham, Hawaiian food, basically everything. It's insane. And I took a picture of our fridge and it's chock full of food. But we seriously got a ham. Our investigator gave us a ham. I have no idea. 

Bob is doing really well. Like he's basically ready for baptism only he hasn't come to church at all. He's committed to his friend, but we took him on a tour of the church, which he really liked. He has a hard time walking though, so we are working to over come that with him. He believes all the doctrine and knows it's true! He's golden! But he's also called us a bit depressed a couple times, which is sad because he's struggling. We pray for him every day, and I know he will be supported by the Lord. Our members can see the change that's happened in him, and it's really exciting to be a part of. 

Dann called us up and asked to take us out to lunch. He gave us the ham. It was a really good lunch and he tells us that he is a womanizer. No lie. And I almost started laughing, and he saw it, so I felt so bad but it was just really funny. We had a nice talk about how no matter what we've done, we can be forgiven because God loves us. He likes that. He doesn't really have a background in religion, so everything is basically new, but he loves it. It's really great, he's so willing to learn, but he told us straight up that he doesn't want to be baptized. 

The Risden's, the less active family, are so sweet. They got us gifts for Christmas, and she uses the old school film rolls and used the last one to take a picture of us. So sweet. We've had a lot of success meeting less actives this week. We've been talking to members and asking them for advice, and it's really paid off. I'm so grateful. They have really been taking care of us, and as a result, we have return appointments with families that might potentially come back to church. We are so excited and humbled to have this opportunity! 

Alright, so Christmas day. Skyped the fam, and Ashley and Jenna were there. Punk kids :) It was really good though, my sister is the cutest, and my family is just really funny. We went and spent time with the Lee's, who painted my toenails and we played some board games. Then we went to the Ireland's, who we just kind of sat there and talked a bit. Then we went to the Doman's for dinner, and they are so nice. We went around and shared thoughts about Christ, and it was a really spiritual meeting. Then we went to the Guillen's, and they showed us Just Dance 2014. It's a good thing I can't dance, otherwise... Haha but it was a great Christmas. Probably the first one where I was actually able to reflect on Christ's birth vs other things, so it was really really great. 

This week is New Year's Eve, so we get to watch 2 movies! I haven't watched one in 7 months. 7 MONTHS. It's crazy, but surprisingly I haven't really missed it too much. We are watching Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. I'm pretty excited haha

As we start making resolutions, I'd like to encourage you all to follow through. Which is probably the hardest thing, but making goals and accomplishing them is the hardest thing in life, but it is the most worthwhile. I know it is. This year has so much in store for each of us, and if we take advantage of it, we will have success. 

Happy New Years. I sure do love you all. 
Sister Kwan

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