Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dieting: The Plan of Starvation (12/9/2013)

This week's shout out goes out to Five Guys. I sure have missed you. I will never diet. Unless I gain 20 pounds within the next 6 months, because then I need to start dropping it like it's hot. 

Well. Clayton Valley 2nd. It's pretty overwhelming being in a new area and trying to learn the area and meet the members and do the work. But, it's going to be awesome. We already found a ton of people to teach! It's awesome. 

Super funny. My last day in Alamo, we went to the Coon's and Sister Coons goes "Did you eat yet?" And we mumbled something about how we already ate, and she goes "I'll get you something. Sister Kwan is always hungry." And then she gave us a ton of napkins with the food. She knows me, she really does haha favorite family... 

Transfers were insane at Oakland. It was like that riddle where you have the fox and the chicken and the seeds that you have to get over the river and you're trying to move them to one side without them eating each other. Anyways, this whole thing happened because everyone parked all over the place, and people were coming and going, and people's luggage was everywhere. And there was a second level added because we had cars to switch. It's like telling the farmer in the riddle he has to switch boats too. Anyways, that was insanity. You'd think that it would get easier, but it's just so many people each time. But we got out of there, and here we are. 

So Julie is a potential. She's so sweet. Her son died a couple months ago in a car accident, and she's so broken. We haven't taught her yet, but we went and scrubbed her wall. It was super great. It was really hard though, because I think we probably scrubbed at least 30 feet of wall. She really appreciated it though, and I think it's starting to soften her heart. I think this gospel will bring so much happiness to her if she will just let it. 

It's freaking cold out here. When they said California, I thought I'd be in like maybe a cardigan all year. False. We are hitting like below freezing. It ALMOST snowed. We were so close. But there was ice and I almost slipped the other day taking out the trash. And I finally caved and put on a jacket. It was a huge step over my pride, but I did it. I don't even know how it gets so cold but I guess it is Northern California. Someone was telling us that California is the only state where you can hit the hot beach and go skiing in the same day. Kind crazy. 

Jeff and Joan are our new investigators. They're the sweetest. They have so many questions about the gospel, but they refuse to pray. Jeff says he's an agnostic, and Joan was raised Catholic. We don't really know why, but they're so nice to us. They treat us like their grandkids, so nice. They are open to learning more, and they really like the way it feels, but they have no idea how much this will bless their life yet. I'm so stoked for them. 

We got to clean gutters! I don't really know if we are supposed to be on ladders, but it was awesome. I didn't realize that's how we do it. You just get up on that ladder and pull all this crap out of these gutters. It was so nasty but way cool. Sister Park held the ladder and I might've accidentally dropped some sludge on her. It's alright though, because laundry. Holy cow so I've been super tired lately. I don't really know why. But it's been like every day so I have no idea what's going on. I'll power through it :) 

So these ward members are so nice. They are already booking us for Christmas. They're the sweetest. Sister Park is still having a bit of a hard time speaking English and she really struggles with that language barrier. I want to help her, but I'm not really sure how to. Just because I mean. Sister Chen says I have an accent. But anyways, personal goal to have her be fluent. By the end of.. the transfer. My brain is kind of fuzzy right now, so hopefully this all makes sense. Oh, me and Sister Park are going to send out Christmas cards! Send me your address and I'll be sure to get one to you :) 
So last night, a bunch of missionaries got together at President Hunt's house, who's the guy who's in charge of all the members in the Walnut Creek area. It was so cool seeing so many missionaries! There's this sense of unity that comes from all working the same cause and understanding each others struggles. But one thought that really stuck with me was when he said, "It's not what you do, but who you become." And that really struck me, especially since my brain has been overloaded with pure insanity lately. Sitting there, I realized that sure I make really really stupid mistakes. But that's no judge of my character, nor does that make me a stupid person. Unlike machines, we aren't the sum of our parts. We are who we are, and as long as we're trying to be better each day, then that's all we can do. The Lord doesn't require us to run faster than we're able (Mosiah 4:27) and change doesn't happen like that either. I can only hope that God accepts my slow but sure change. 
Hope you all are taking it easy and not stressing out over the holidays :)
Sister Kwan
PS here's a preview of the Christmas card. Trust me, they will get better.

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