Monday, December 23, 2013

"So it's December 20th and our air conditioning is on..."

This week's shout out goes out to Jesus Christ. Because duh. 

As of right now, there's 2 days until Christmas, 9 days until New Year's, 16 days until my birthday, and a little under a year until I'm home. Man does time fly. 

Bob has a baptismal date!!!! He's finally putting the pieces together and he wants to feel the spirit 24/7. Once we get him to come to church, everything will just fall into place. I'm so stoked. He's such a sweet guy. We were going to go to the visitor's center with him yesterday, but his family is going to Disneyland for Christmas, so they visited him yesterday. We will get him there though! 

Title. Direct quote from my life. Seriously, I'm outside sweating. And we get in the car, and my companion goes, "Sister. Turn on the air conditioning, I'm DYING." It's December. This is California. Not gonna lie, this is a pretty good deal. Lovin it. 

Jeff and Joan invited us over for lunch. Sweet sweet people. What's funny though, is they invited over some less active members from Martinez. It was interesting. But then she gave us so much food to take home. So nice. I think they're secretly reading the Book of Mormon. And I totally sound ridiculous right now, but I watched her pick it up, and I just know she's reading it. And she bookmarked the chapter on faith that we read about. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. 

It's been an odd week for talking to people on the street. Some lady drove by and snapped a picture of us. Weird. Then we met this guy who was schizophrenic, and we were just like ...back away slowly... just because you have to be super careful. And then we ran into another lady and she was so nice. But she kept telling us all about her car. I very distinctly remember sitting there like, "This woman... she... she's definitely a couple chicken nuggets short of a happy meal." I thought I was just being judgmental, but her neighbor's the relief society president and turns out she's actually certifiably crazy. Figures. Very nice though, we're going to go back and visit with her some time. 

Dann opened his lesson by asking us how many siblings Jesus had. Heck if I know. So we had this really awesome member who just floored him with "This isn't going to get you into heaven" and man am I grateful for her. She tied it into the Restoration really really well, and I'm glad she said the things she did, because I wanted to say things but.. couldn't. We went to the visitor's center with Dann. It's gorgeous, just in case you were wondering. I forgot my camera cord. But we were able to look at the picture's from Christ's life and have him ask questions, which we would answer with the Book of Mormon. He has a lot of questions about the Bible, but he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that reading it will help him understand the Bible better. Booyah. 

Got to go to 12 step this week! Our less active wants to kick the addiction. She's so awesome. She comes out with us all the time. But I love 12 step. This seems really repetitive because I've definitely said this before, but it's so great. It was just really great to hear the stories of people and their struggles and it was awesome. The Lord works in all our lives in such mysterious ways, but He's always there no matter what. 

Guess who I ran into at the visitor's center? Aunt Jeanette. She's not really my aunt, but she was on the phone with my dad. She goes, "He wants to talk to you!" And I was like "Nooo" but it was way cool to run into her. She like raised me. And then I ran into Sister Chen, who's kind of like my crazy aunt. All was good. 

The best part of every Christmas program is the kids. The kids, the kids, the kids. You always have the one kid who's yelling, the kid who's trying really hard to sing perfectly, and then everyone else. And everyone else either falls into "Why am I here" and the miserable people. So so funny. These kids stand up there and you look at them, and they glare back at you. Or you look at one, and she looks like she just got abducted and the church is the UFO. Needless to say, I really enjoyed myself during this program. 

This week's thought is just going to come from my brain... So I consider myself pretty lucky. My family's doing pretty good. My friends are pretty good (when I hear from them). I'm on a mission. For God. I only get slammed doors occasionally. I get fed daily. I mean, what could be better? But lately, just realizing that all this is from God. I mean, I've been feeling pretty dang good. And sometimes, there really is no reason for it. Not that you always need a reason to be happy, but it doesn't hurt to have one. But yeah. Life is good, and I'm so grateful for everything I've got. Especially all you good people. Sure do love you all. 

Merry Christmas :)
Sister Kwan

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