Friday, January 31, 2014

The Longest Week EVER-EVEr-EVer-Ever-ever...ever...............ever.

This week's shout out goes out to all the kind people who didn't slam their doors. Thank you. 
So I decided to try unconventional finding methods this week. The first one we did, we were trying to find this less active family, and this lady was running around outside with scissors. Totally unsafe. But she told us she was looking for flowers, and dashed off. A couple days later, I was like "Hey! Let's go buy her flowers!" So we did. She was super cool but she really had no desire to learn anything at all... Kind of an atheist. But she was really happy about the flowers! 
Had exchanges and got to go back to Alamo! Woohoo! It was so crazy. But it was really nice because ever since I've left, I've kind of felt like I let them down. I could've done SO much better, but I just didn't know how. And this was my round for redemption and it was sweet. Becca has a baptismal date. We had this AH-mazing meeting with Holly and her son Ryan. We taught super simply to his needs, and he's going to be baptized! It gets better because we decided to show a video, and we both knew exactly which one when we saw it. We played it and boom it was like being hit by a wall of spirit. So good. And we met the crazies, but they're always there. And I got to see Sister Williams again. She's the sweetest. I walk out of the car, and I look at her, and she's already crying. Love her so much haha :) Sister Goddard, who I went on exchanges with, has the million bucks quality. Which basically means that she can make anyone feel like a million bucks. Which is an awesome quality to have, if you ask me. And our teaching was so smooth, it was like butter on ice. Amazing. 

We took Bob to the Visitor's Center, which might have overwhelmed him with the Spirit, but he kind of phased out of church. Like he called us at 11:30 and told us he couldn't come. Super lame. He wouldn't even tell us what happened and we tried to hunt him down, nothing. We are going to meet with him tomorrow, but we have no idea what happened. We have a sinking suspicion that it had something to do with his fried who goes to some Golden Hills church in Brentwood, because they seem to be teaching some Anti-Mormon things. Personal comments on this, but why would you go to church to preach hate? Church is for uplifting. When you tear others down, that doesn't do anything. So why waste your time teaching a class based on false literature just to hate on another church? It just makes no sense. And there's my two cents.

Met Lani, who's inactive but still identifies as Mormon. She is quite the crafty lady. She makes these gorgeous cards and it's like butterflies are literally flying off the page. Incredible. And she agreed to read the Book of Mormon, which was great. She told us she will not go back to church, but I'm sure she will come around eventually. She's very very nice, but she's also very very busy...
And I got pulled over this week... did you know you can't have your hands on the phone while you're driving? Yeah...  Officer Charles was a very nice man and he let me off with a warning. Never been pulled over before, but being pulled over on the mission, man. But also getting off... Holy smooth criminal. What's funny though, is that we were tracting in another neighborhood a couple days later, and he drives by and yells out the window, "No talking on your cell phone while driving!" You know it's a small town when that can happen. 

Sunday was the best! We had SO many people who we don't normally see at church, at church! It was awesome. I got the feeling "shoot I don't know who I should talk to first" and seriously, that's like the best feeling ever. The Lord is working hard and I'm so grateful to be part of it. It's neat because I can feel him using me. Obviously I don't know all the right words to say. But He does, and luckily he trusts me to say them! 
Dann is doing pretty well. He came to church, which was really good, and he seems to be moving along in the gospel. I guess it takes him awhile to process things, so this will require a fair amount of patience, which again, I am working on. When you want to improve things, you don't get zapped with them. You're given events in your life that will eventually get you there. It's funny that way. 
Teaching Beehives and Priests are some of my favorite things to do. So cute! And they're so excited to hear and listen and learn. It makes the job so much easier. We just love hearing their own testimonies and helping them learn more. You can really tell the families that have a firm gospel foundation, and those that don't. And for those that don't, that's probably why we're there. I wish we could get into more homes, but at the current moment, we are pretty full with all these families. It's way good though, I'm super grateful and humbled by this opportunity. 
I'm totally running out of time because this week was so long and we went to the temple today! And I think I have some pictures but I don't even have time to look to see haha but we had a golden investigator fall into our lap. She's so ready to learn and to grow. And I would write about her, but I'll have to remember next week! We taught her a little, and someone brought up a metaphor about funnels. Weird. But totally makes sense. I'll explain next week... double spiritual thought next week! Ahhh there's not enough time. 
Hope you all are doing AH-mazing. Love you all.

Sister Kwan

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