Friday, June 13, 2014

Sweating's ok if you like swimming

This week's shout out goes out to Brentwood corn. It's seriously good. 

Seriously though, if it gets any hotter, I might die.
On the flip-side, I think sweating is making us lose weight. Sis Lutui was saying how if you wear a garbage bag while you run (like in Silver Linings Playbook) then you lose weight super fast because it's hot. I guess I'm ok with it but it's only a little like drowning. 

This week we met Sandy. When she saw Sister Lutui, she ran up to her and hugged her and wouldn't let go. Needless to say, she's one of the people who remembered Sister Lutui from a year ago (did I ever say that? She was "born" here a year ago when we first got here.) Sandy's prepared for baptism, but she refuses to do it because she hasn't received a spiritual confirmation. Hopefully she will soon.  

We had some great lessons with Craig. His biggest thing is that he isn't willing to change his lifestyle because he's comfortable. Along with that, he feels like the atonement is too good to be true. Like getting something for nothing. Which is understandable. He did say that if he knew this gospel was true, that he would want it for his daughters. Which is good, but really he should want it for himself... but he is so nice. He really is interested in learning more and finding truth. 

We met James this week! It was super cool because we just walked right up to him, and he was looking for a church. That doesn't normally happen. He said he would talk to his wife about us coming back. We haven't yet, but we will definitely follow up. He loves his family and really cares about finding a good church for his kids, so we are excited!

Then we met another sister in the ward with her 2 kids. She told us she's getting induced on Monday, so we are super excited to meet her baby girl! We were talking to her kids about prayer and it was like this
McKenna: Daddy's rude when Gavin prays at dinner time!
Us: Why?
McKenna: Daddy eats! 

One of our members who doesn't come out to church a lot had us over for dinner. She lives in "Disco Bay" and she lives on the water. So I will attach pictures. It's pretty awesome. It's SO pretty out there. And I have a bunch of videos to attach. (One time Google caught me before I sent it because I said I needed to attach something. Hopefully I'll remember this time. Ha.) 

Went to Why I Believe because Kim was speaking! She is doing so well. I love her. But there were so many missionaries there! Sister Meredith asked us all to go up and sing "Called to Serve" at the end. It was messy. But a spiritual mess. It was a really great night. We brought someone who comes to church only sometimes and she really enjoyed it. Only she might've gotten a concussion the other day and was experiencing the effects of it while we were there. But she got a priesthood blessing and it helped a little. I think. 

This week's thought is about trusting in the Lord's timing. Sis Tsan, who's serving in Alamo 1st and 2nd, told me that Fulvia is getting baptized! I just looked it up and I don't think I've ever written about her before, but she's a Russian lady that I taught in Alamo 2nd a year ago. She's getting baptized this Saturday! So I'm really excited for her, even though I haven't seen her in a year. But I just think about how we were able to set the pace for her. The first time we met her, she asked us how we knew the church was true. I still remember that today. And she was so nice. Obviously I wish she had been baptized while we were there, but everything happens in God's time. It's hard to wait, but there's always a lesson attached to it. And whatever we do, it's for a wise purpose. Not our purpose, but His purpose. 

Hope you are all doing great! Love you all. 

Sister Kwan

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