Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I don't have a creative title for this week. (8/18)

This week's shout out goes out to hot pockets. I decided to leave you for about a year and now that I've gone back, I'm not sure why I did.

As always, it's interesting adjusting to a new companion. Sister Fiefia is older than me and she is from Tonga. Legitimately from Tonga. She keeps telling me that my future holds a lot of Tongans since this is my 3rd companion from there, but we will see. She got super sick this week and so we haven't been out much and now I'm starting to feel kind of weird. Hopefully I stay strong haha

We met with a surprising amount of people this week! More than we ever have before.

Had a birthday party for our favorite Hawaiian lady who's not actually Hawaiian but loves it there. We sang Tongan hymns and ate cake. It was kind of awesome, and she was crying. The spirit was there and it made everyone really happy. And then at the end, they danced for us! She promised that she wouldn't dance for anyone (Well. She promised Sis Sotele that she would dance at her wedding) but she broke that promise because she really enjoyed us taking time out of our day to wish her a happy birthday. She is the sweetest lady.

The same day, we managed to have 2 dinners and 3 desserts. I need to go on a diet of some sort. But we all know that's impossible on a mission... But I was impressed by how much we ate. I was dying by the end of the night though, but yeah. These people take time to make food to feed us, I just feel bad... not eating it...

So there's this one less active lady that we've been visiting and we've been getting weird vibes from her house. Like a couple weeks ago, me and Sis Sotele were there and we had felt like a spirit had followed us from her house. It scared the pants off me. That day I learned how to cast out spirits and also how quickly God responds to us when we are panicking. We just kind of shrugged it off as a one time thing, but this time with Sis Fiefia, her and the member we brought were suddenly struck with sickness. It was the strangest thing. And we talked with our member about it, and he was like "You felt it too?" And so we are planning on going back and blessing the home. Our member had home taught the last family that lived there, and he mentioned some really bad feelings in that home. It was pretty crazy.

And then there's Lynda. What a lady. We were there and her neighbor Sharon, who's a less active member, was visiting too. They tend to argue whenever we go over, and it's always interesting. The topics of discussion aren't usually gospel, but we can make them switch it over when it's time. But this is where we had the best conversation of the week. So they're just sitting there fighting, Sharon's complaining about how hard her life is, and Lynda is not having it.
Lynda: "Oh, is that how you got diabetes then?"
Sharon: "No, I got it from my neighbor!"
Everyone: ".................."
Lynda: "You can not contract diabetes that way, don't you ever say that to anyone ever again."
Sharon: "No, it's because he caused me stress!"
Honestly, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Old ladies are the best.

Super awesome. Highly recommend it. I was thinking about it the other day and you know. We truly are blessed with this knowledge that we have. I think about how God loves us and how sometimes we look for Him in all the wrong places. It's like going to McDonald's and looking for clothes. You just can't do it. You might not necessarily know how He will reveal himself to you or what will happen, but you have to be open to any sort of solution, not just one that you seek. The Lord loves you.
Take care! Love you all :)

Sister Kwan

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