Friday, August 15, 2014

Too many feels (8/11/2014)

This week's shout out goes out to the Ponce family. They aren't actually less active, but they pretend like they are so they can hang out with us haha

I'm super bummed out right now. The Lord has decided to split up me and Sister Sotele and given me another Tongan companion and keep me here. Obviously it'll be good but. I'm super sad.

This week we met with a lot of the ward members since a bunch of our appointments fell through again. Sometimes I feel like we're drying to draw water from a well with a bucket full of holes. In this ward, we deal with a lot of less actives who really don't feel welcome at all, whether they are less active or even active. It makes me really sad. We aren't entirely sure what to do, because this has been an ongoing problem and it doesn't seem like anyone's taking any steps to solve it. For me, it just goes to show the dangers of getting comfortable. When you're comfortable, you don't feel the need to change, and it makes everyone else uncomfortable. We will see. 

We got to do some really great service this week- pulling weeds, killing black widows, it was crazy. I might've mentioned it last week but I'm too lazy to click back and look. The yard looks awesome now. It's crazy that sometimes you can actually see the fruits of your labors! 

I also learned how to can tomatoes this week. It is a LONG process. But now I am a professional tomato peeler. Haha but that's all I did for 2 hours. It was long, but super fun. And by the end of it, I looked like I had killed someone. The sister we did it for really appreciated it though, we took care of 30 pounds of tomatoes! It was pretty awesome. 

Well this week I was thinking a lot about the choices we make. A member at church on Sunday asked us "What would happen if there were no consequences to our actions?" And it kind of blew my mind. I think a lot of what's happening today is because there's no IMMEDIATE repercussions for the things we do. It's not like touching a stove. It's a slow process sometimes. But when we feel like we're "getting away with things," there's no incentive to change. What we have to recognize, is that for everything we do, there ARE consequences. Which is kind of scary. And growing up, I always hated the word "consequence." It was always so evil. But now I realize that if there were no consequences, there would be no change, and that's exactly why we are here. 

Take care! Love you all!

Sister Kwan 

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