Monday, October 6, 2014

"Time is so fly!" -my comp

This week's shout out goes out to SLIME- a self sealant that you put in your tube! You can run over thorns and it's still okay because it seals like magic! 

Anyways, that's kind of a sale, but mostly so you understand the story I'm going to tell later. It was a week of miracles. We were so blessed in finding more people to teach! Well they were referrals, but so golden! 

Candy has parents that are members in Antioch, and she was waiting for her dad to start going to church again so that she could get baptized, but he never came around. She has a cute daughter and another one on the way! She's the sweetest, oh my goodness. She's so prepared and she's so ready! We just need to help her have a firm testimony and she will be on her way. She really is the best though. Well, not really because there's a lot of people, but she's awesome! 

The other family we found is from Egypt! They moved here from Egypt 2 months ago! They were facing a lot of opposition in Egypt, but they are so happy to be here. Every time we come, they are all so excited. The main people we are teaching are dad, Sobhy, and the daughter, Christien. They came to 2 sessions of conference with us. Christien is so ready. She has such a sweet spirit and a sincere love of Christ. There is a slight language barrier, but luckily the language of the spirit is universal. The mom is looking for a job, and she's very concerned, so she hasn't really been focused in our lessons, but her little brother who's 16 understands just about everything. It's pretty awesome. They told us that we can come over anytime! Which, we wouldn't because that'd probably be a little overwhelming, but it's clear that they can feel a difference in their lives when we are around vs when we aren't. 

In other news, I found out one of my investigators passed away. I had a feeling actually, it was kind of odd. But hopefully he's happier and in less pain now... 

Met one of our less actives this week who specializes in holistic medicine and acupuncture? Anyways, she was doing this body test on us to see what we're allergic to. I'm allergic to eucalyptus trees and I guess things from Australia? But guess what my companion is allergic to. LETTUCE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS DYING OH MAN. For real though. It was hilarious. But she really is. Ever since she came to America, she's had this rash on her left hand. This week we went the whole week without any lettuce, either no salad, or a spinach salad. Her hand was doing better. Yesterday, we had a lettuce salad and suddenly the rash is worse! It's hilarious but thinking about it, it probably really shouldn't be this funny. 

This week's bike mishap. We bought the slime stuff as mentioned above, and I was filling the tire up.. then it blew up! I guess I over pumped it. I just kind of watched it happen. I was watching it and the tube popped up and I was like that can't be good. Then it just blew up. And it was like that Nickelodeon show where they dump slime on people only it shot out at me. And the walls. 

Conference was awesome this week. I really liked it! This week I'm super motivated to start on those Christlike attributes. It's going to be hard but it's going to be awesome. Starting today, I'm doing one attribute every week until I go home. This way I can be more converted and come home and glow and all that stuff. Naw I'm just kidding. I just hope this works haha but the prophets have promised blessings and I trust them. Watch conference if you didn't! It was awesome!

Love you all. So so much.

Sister Kwan

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