Monday, September 16, 2013

Carry on

This week's shout out goes out to... errybody. You're awesome, and don't you forget it. Sure do love you all. Seriously, I'm always super grateful when I hear from you, but it's weird because I can feel the prayers too. Really you should pray for the people meeting me haha but I need it too, so thanks :)
Our walls are super thin and our neighbor has been playing this weird chanting music. I can't even begin to describe it but every time it starts up I feel like pieces of my soul are getting chanted away in the beat. 
Yesterday in one of our meetings, we had a social media training. Which was odd, because most of these people don't have Facebook. And they viewed it as time consuming. And I was like "Yo it only takes 20 seconds tops once you figure out what you're doing" but yeah. At least they are trying. I might be writing soon about sitting there and trying to teach people how to create an account. 
I HAD COTTON CANDY GRAPES YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!11 They were so cool. It's this green grape, but then like. You bite it and it's like a cotton candy explosion. It was only a little uncomfortable. Haha no, it wasn't. It was yummy. 
We got a prompting to buy ice cream for a girl in our ward, so we went to buy it, and then we needed gas, so we went and got gas, and there's Glendoris, the recycling champ, dumpster diving (called it). We were like "Hey! Do you want ice cream?" And she's like "yeah!" So we bought her some. And the girl in our ward wasn't home. So I'm pretty sure we were only inspired to buy ice cream because of Glendoris... but she enjoyed it, so that's always good. 

On preparation day... lunch with other sisters from the district.

One of our youth almost ran me over last night. Only, it was more like I was standing outside and I see her car coming at me so I move but she rolls up and she says "I thought about hitting you" and in my head, my first thought was "Headline: Local missionary hit in church parking lot." I would say we have a good relationship with our ward haha but seriously, they love us :D like everyone else in the world.
We also found out Hilary Duff and Kristi Yamagutchi (sp?) live around here. Talk about the best incentive to go knock doors. Gotta convert 'em all 

And now for an inspirational story by yours truly. 
So I'm praying, and an idea hits me like a brick wall. Like a freaking bullet to the gut. And mentally I was like "no... are you freaking... nonono... NONONONO- fine." I'm laying in bed waiting for Sister Slaughter to finish her 35+ minute prayer, and I'm like "I got inspiration but I don't like it... we have to sing in Sacrament meeting" And it's funny, because everything fell into place for it to happen. The music coordinator asked us if we could sing without us even asking, crazayyyyy. But the day she gave us was, drum roll, the 22nd! For some reason I thought it was like a month away. Totally false. That's this Sunday. Then here's the kicker/miracle. We were just going around asking for help picking a song, and we are at this girl's house, and she isn't a member but she has a great voice, so we were asking her for help. Then Sister Slaughter was like "I can't do this! I get so nervous, and there are so many people, and-" And this girl says "It's ok, I'll be there. I'll sing with you!" And we both did a double take like "WHAT" but yeah. This is the story of how God makes things happen when you do what He tells you to. Obedience, what up. It's also the story of how Sister Kwan is playing "I Will" on the piano again after 3 years of not playing it and miraculously remembering, and how you get a non-member to perform in Sacrament meeting with you. #churchistrue

                        Becca, the investigator who sang with Sister Slaughter at the sacrament.
Hope everyone is having a fanflippintastic week!
Sister Kwan 

Oh man, I totally forgot! Our Muslim investigator is so great. We are still being careful because she needs to talk to her dad, who is most likely to be against it, but still. We dropped off a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and she read it all by the next day when we went to see her. She asked us about tea, but she drinks herbal tea, so everything is right on track. But the greatest part was when she started bearing testimony to us of the Word of Wisdom. Talk about power.

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