Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Life is a Gourd

This weeks shout out goes out to the moth who decided it would be a good idea to fly near our less active's face and literally got thrown on the ground. Take it easy little buddy. 
Best FHE ever!
We had a crazy number of things happen this week. Unfortunately because I'm almost positive that Alzheimer's is infectious and I've hit my head too many times, I am not sure this e-mail will have everything. 
We got the prompting to walk around the streets at night and we find this day planner. We crack it open, and it is sooo packed of events. I like delved into it so we could figure out who's it was, and this woman was a shrink. There was so much private information in there, it was crazy. We opened to the front page and there wasn't any contact information in there, but I saw this sheet of paper with some like suicide hotline numbers on it, and there was a name on top and I felt like we should call it, so we did. She gets our call and is super grateful. We met her at like 10 at night in a bank parking lot and it was super shady. Like the one tree in the park at noon on the hottest day of the year type shady. But she's apparently met with missionaries before but... she was nice haha
Singing in church. Talk about a huge kick in the face. Of the spirit. I'm like playing the piano and listening to them was like. Holy cow it blew me away. So awesome. And her mom recorded it and said she'd put it up on Youtube, hopefully it'll be up soon haha I'll get the link out. Everyone told us it was fantastic, and with this ward... either they're super nice like your grandparents and would lie to you no matter what... or they'll tell it to you straight up, so. 
We had this awesome fireside called "Why I Believe" and they have recent converts get up and bear their testimony and talk about their conversion stories. It was way cool. Way way awesome. These people have great stories and there's a common element in all of them- member missionary work. Boom. But the best talks were the ones where people didn't write anything. Like they just spoke by the spirit and rocked it.

And I've picked up this awful habit this week. I'm telling people that they're my favorites. And not like everyone, but it's starting to become like everyone. But I mean it, nbd. But what I did learn is that I really love this ward. The old people are great, the teenagers are sassy as all get out, but they love me and I love me, so I must be pretty awesome. Haha and I love those punk kids too. It's weird that they're only a couple years younger than me. And I love the ten people that are between there and below there. This is a great ward. So grateful. 
This week I really liked Alma 26:30. You all should look it up yourselves, but that's basically a mission. At least for me. 
Keep Rockin On

Sister Kwan

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