Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't pay no minds to the demons, they fill you with fear

This week's shout out goes out to Mikkel. Heaven help your parents... :)

I learned that if you check your watch a lot, you'll eventually check it in your dreams and it'll be like inception and you can change your dreams cuz time gets really funky. Look out Leonardo DiCaprio.

We got to see a general authority this week! Elder... Audikitis. I think. He's from Brazil. But it was great! 5 hours and I totally spaced out (silly attention span) but it was really good. He talked a lot about setting goals and what not. It was really good. So this week we have a goal for 2 baptisms. I'm not entirely sure how we will get there, considering we don't really have anyone, but I'm sure the Lord will make it happen if it is supposed to. 

Azadeh is doing great. She just absorbs everything. Like an absorbent towel. She came to church this Sunday, and we had the primary program. It was fantastic. There were only 13 kids, but they all did such a great job and they were all so cute. But she loved that, and she wants a Children's Songbook to send to her daughter. She is soooo ready for the gospel. I just hope her father and her ex-husband are okay with it. But even if not, Heavenly Father knows the desire of her heart and she will be totally fine. 

The relief society talked about me! Only in name. Which I can't reveal at the present moment. But I was mentioned! And so was Ashley. Shout out to my favorite. But it was a great meeting too haha

I totally don't want to write anymore. I think I'm almost done.

We had a "linger longer" yesterday and it's just where we stay after church and eat food. But this cute little girl named Mikkel loves Veggietales and has to tell Sister Slaughter everytime she sees her, so she started purposefully running by us while we were standing there. She's so cute. But then we were sitting down and she was talking to Sister Slaughter, and I was talking to another kid at the table, and then Mikkel totally jacked my name tag. Punk kid. She's the cutest though. I ripped a piece of paper and wrote her last name on it so it could actually be hers and she was so excited to be a missionary. So then I sat down and took some paper and created name tags for her and her companion, Allie. They were sooo cute. And then we took pictures together and they're hilarious. So I will have to get them to you later because they are on Sister Slaughter's camera haha. 

So I quoted the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips in the subject heading. And obviously there's a reason for that (I couldn't think of a Taylor Swift song with a spiritual message). But actually, this song converted someone. Good stuff, huh? And it was the last song I learned to play on guitar. But I think there's a lot of good that comes from that one line. Demons can be pretty freaky. I've watched my share of horror movies, and yeah, scary. Sometimes. But for myself, a lot of my demons are from within. Conquering these demons is impossible on your own, and sometimes they aren't meant to be conquered. Sometimes you just gotta tame them. But in Moroni 8:16, it says "And I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." Which is totally true. A lot of times if you love, you forget about yourself. It's a neat thing, to care that much for others that you forget yourself. Just forget about the demons. Which is pretty hard actually. But I know that if we try really hard and actually just give it over to the Lord, He will take care of it. Like everything else in this world.  

I hope you all know I love you!
Sister Kwan

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