Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Of Transfers and Tanlines

Jun 30, 2014 

This week's shout out goes out to Sis Lutui. She's awesome.

So here it goes again. We get a call on Thursday telling us that Sis Lutui has to go to the Tongan branch in Oakley because a sister can't drive. So now my new companion is going to be Sister Sotele from the Tongan program. We're excited. We've sort of been hanging out with them this whole time so that's kind of fun. 

We took our investigator to the temple this week! Her name is Sandy. She's really close to being baptized but honestly we have no idea why she hasn't done it yet. But we had a great time and her mom doesn't usually come to church, so it was a great experience. Not only that, we were able to have a member bring us, so we saved miles AND she had friends. It was a really great thing. The member volunteered too, and we all had a really spiritual time. The visitor's center is a great place for us to feel the spirit and invite others. For those who have on nearby, I would highly recommend it. 

So this same day, we decided to give the Elders the car since they never get to use it. But we come back to find that the Elders cancelled our dinner appointment and they are not picking up the phone. We called our dinner appointment and everything ended up being alright so we still had dinner, but we had appointments in Discovery Bay that you can't bike to. We hitched a ride with some members. But man were we angry. Eventually I was just disappointed that it happened at all. It really just wasn't that fun. But we learned a lot about patience. 

We've been trying to hunt down people lately. I guess since it's summer time, we are kind of stuck trying to find them when they're a world away and what not. But we did have some cool proselyting opportunities. We were driving down the road and this small, long-haired dog ran in front of me. I stopped the car and we pulled over to try and catch the thing. It ran under the fence and we decided to knock all the doors in search for the honor, while sharing the gospel. No one was interested, but a lot of people were super nice. We did find someone we could do service for and they were super nice. We will hopefully be back soon! 

Man. I can't remember anything that happened this week. 

So I've been super into sharing videos lately so here's one:
In life it's so hard to look ahead. So much of life is about here and now, and what we're going to do 10 minutes later. That kind of mindset is almost like there's no end in sight- nothing to look forward to, nothing we have to do, no end. But in reality, having an end in sight. A goal. A path. Helps us to make the decisions so we can accomplish our goals. The first step to a tour of Europe isn't to fly there. That's where you want to be. So make the decisions to get there. You know you want to be there, and you know it will be good. So why not?

Love you all!

Sister Kwan

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