Tuesday, July 15, 2014

They See Me Rollin...

This week's shout out goes out to Sister Dillon for this conversation
Her: I saw you girls on bike the other day!
Us : ...really?? (Shoot we probably flashed her)
Her: Yeah! Why were you on bike!
Us: The Elders needed our car
Her: They needed it?
Us: Um yeah. Why didn't you honk at us and say hi??
Her: I couldn't believe my eyes!

I don't even know what we did this week... obviously missionary work but I'm not even sure what to highlight. This was my official year mark, and as of right now, I have less than 6 months until I'm home! I wasn't really counting until everyone else started counting and now time is slowing down. It's a weird thing. 

We have seriously met the nicest people ever here. We were helping out with a funeral, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to pitch in and help. We were asked to house sit because apparently people have been robbed as they leave to go to their loved one's funeral. How awful is that? I have a bone to pick with those people. But this man was an artist. We were at his home, I'll attach a picture. 

All of our investigators have vanished. I'm pretty sure they have all disappeared on their boats and the only way to get them to church is probably if we started a branch on the water... which we are considering. Three hours of church on a boat? I wouldn't be against it. 

I don't know how many people have yelled at us for not going over to their house to eat when we don't have dinner. We'll be sitting there like "Yeah we didn't have dinner the other night, so we went to McDonalds" and suddenly it's like we've burned down the house. It's nice how much they care for us haha but actually I am totally sick of chicken nuggets and french fries as of right now. 

Wednesday we got to see Clayton Christenson, who wrote, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries." It's a great book, from what I've heard. Everyone who went felt super uplifted and enjoyed it a lot! He talked about five key things to remember as we try to share the gospel:
1. It is not our place to judge.
2. I succeed when I invite, not when they accept
3. These are not godless people, they are just people who have rejected falsehood
4. People need to be needed
5. Teach them how to prayerfully and privately read the scriptures
Despite the fact that no one in our ward went to this fireside, me and Sister Lutui felt it necessary to share with everyone. And it's been a great opportunity because everyone loves it. It makes missionary work less scary and totally doable. This ward has a desire, so we are ready to roll :) 

This week's thought is about patience and charity. I'm not going to lie, I totally thought I had it down. The Lord knew otherwise. There's an Elder in this area that's been...trying... And we kind of lost it with him. He wasn't following the spirit, he wasn't helping the work, and we were not ok with it. So we asked the Lord what to do. We ended up sitting him down and just telling him what we felt was wrong. The interesting thing was, when we did it, there was no feeling of impatience or hatred there. It was odd because literally 24 hours ago we probably might have killed him. That sure is an important life lesson, let me tell you. 
1. The Lord loves everyone, even if you are super annoying
2. The Lord doesn't expect you to like everyone, but you have to love them all because they are children of God
3. In times of need, the Lord will help you if you recognize what you need to do, even if you only do it out of responsibility.

Take care! Love you all!
Sister Kwan

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