Monday, July 28, 2014

"You know where you shouldn't go to get Chinese food? China."

This week's shout out goes out to the pioneers still- because I'm assuming they were still traveling at this part of the year. 

But here's my little rant about pioneer day... why is the only Mormon holiday we have in the middle of summer? We should put one that takes us out of school. Maybe like a week in March, because we all know that BYU doesn't celebrate Spring Break. So let's celebrate.. Missionaries. Let's take a week and all go out with our missionaries and love them. And take a week off. 

This weather is pretty extreme. We were above 100 all week and I think it's supposed to be the same this week. Pretty crazy. BUT not as crazy as the fact that we had 12 set appointments this week, and they ALL fell through but 1. It was really tough. This whole agency business is really killing me. Obviously numbers aren't everything (I actually get really mad whenever people ask me how many people I've baptized. That's not even the point of a mission.) but when people are kind of laying into you because your numbers are low, it's kind of rough. If there's one thing I've learned so far on my mission, it's that no matter what you're doing, people have agency, and we can't control that. And as much as we'd like to do everything in our time, it's all on the Lord's time, which we have no control over. 

The good news though, is that school starts up again this week! So everyone's home! We've been able to catch a lot of people and set up more appointments. And remember the Harvest Festival from awhile back? We all got referrals from it, and we contacted a lot of them and they said that they didn't want help, but one lady said she could really use it. She told us that she's currently going through a divorce, and you could tell from her voice that she is really struggling. We are going to head over on Wednesday, and I'm really excited because I know how much this is going to help her in her life. More than just amateur lawn care, but for the eternities. I'm excited. 

We met with Kris this week, who we helped move her stuff like crazy about a month ago. She's so sweet. She's between a rock and a hard place, but she has such a positive attitude. She really is a good example for us. You wouldn't know that she was struggling until she said something. Always got a smile on her face, she's so cool. She told us that she's not really into the whole religion thing, but people change all the time :) haha

Lynda is a hilarious less active in our ward. Oh my goodness, she's so funny. She told us about how she can't stand hot headed people, so one time she was at this concert (under some influences..) and she yelled at the lead singer of the band for not taking the time to sign something for someone. And she said that she wouldn't have gotten escorted out for yelling at him, but she did because she yelled at him 6 inches from his face. Man. She's so real though, I really appreciate it. She has a testimony, she just has a lot of other things going on in her life that pull her away from church. We're going to start working on it. 

Went to the stake picnic in celebration of pioneer day this week and it was pretty fun. Sort of. I think the only fun thing about it was how much cotton candy I got to eat. I miss eating clouds. It was really funny because they had all these kids making it for us, so they were all up to their armpits in cotton candy, and there was so much floating everywhere. It was kind of hilarious. And we were sitting under this wooden structure with benches and suddenly we start getting misted. Like vegetables. I'm pretty sure that's what broccoli feels like in the grocery store. It felt nice because it was over 100 but it was probably by far the weirdest picnic I've been to in awhile. Or ever. 

My thought this week comes from a wonderful Relief Society lesson on "What Are You Thinking" from General Conference. This quote I wanted to share is this:
All of us, though covenant children of a loving Heavenly Father, have regretted jumping headlong from the high seat of self-righteous judgment and have spoken with abrasive words before we understood a situation from another’s perspective. We have all had the opportunity to learn how destructive words can take a situation from hazardous to fatal.
I am sick of dealing with judgmental people. It really bothers me and I hate that it does but I'm like. What makes you better than anyone else here? And even if you are better, what would Jesus do? I'm going to stop ranting before I get mean. But I hope we can all take a second and check out the motes in our eyes before we try and pull out each other's splinters. 

Love you all!
Sister Kwan 

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