Monday, August 26, 2013

And it came to pass that, I, Sister Kwan, taught Relief Society (August 19, 2013)

This weeks shout out goes to the Postal Service! I don't mean the band, I mean the mail carriers, but the band's pretty good too. And also Akiko! Who I just found out is going to Salt Lake City Temple Square what what. And this is all related because I got my mail on Tuesday but I got a letter from mid-July. I think they've been hoarding my mail but whatever. Forgive and forget right? So sorry if I haven't responded yet, I tried to write everyone back today!

Embarassing moment of the week- All of it. No actually it was more like the when we were talking in the car about country singers and I was like "Well most singers do, but not Sister Swift" and I was like holy. I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it but maybe it's foreshadowing. I think that means I'll get to meet Taylor haha

Foodwise, it's been a spectacular week. Holy cow I love food. I had the best lasagna ever the other day at a member's home. I ate too much. And while I was on exchanges with Sister Chen, a member took us to dinner at Denny's and it was dinner and a show. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile, she was hilarious. She was old, so she could say whatever she wanted but I sure love her haha. And at Denny's they have this make your own pancake thing and guess what I got. Bacon pancakes. Yeah, there was bacon IN them. It was awesome. And then today, there's been this shady taco truck parked outside the chapel everyday around noon and it's kind of been like my dream to go there. Dreams do come true. And that burrito was super good. Words can not describe. Hopefully food addictions won't get me kicked out of my mission haha

I went on two exchanges this week, super fun. One was with Sister Ierubwara from Kiribati. She's brand new and she's gotta learn English. Haha, sucker. She's super sweet and I haven't seen a dark skinned person in awhile. But her English is actually super good and we went out and met with some people and went tracting. We didn't do very much. It was hot outside, and even when people were home, they refused to come to the door. And we got a fake address. Then I was with Sister Chen and she's been out for as long as Sister Slaughter... maybe like 5 months? She's from Toronto, which I'm not sure qualifies as the east coast since it's not in America, but it's close enough. She's hilarious. Honestly, we spent a lot of time laughing, and I don't think we could've made it otherwise. Both days were kind of the same- super hard. Honestly, I haven't had a week like this on my mission. We did a lot more knocking and walking than we usually do and people were actually pretty mean about it. One lady was like "Do I know you??" And we were like "" and she just sped off into the horizon. She vanished. I swear she couldn't get away fast enough. These nametags are lethal. Or something. I've never had people trying to get away from me faster than they are now haha. But as hard as this week was, with all our investigators bailing, and the less actives being home and refusing to open the door, it was still alright. We felt like we were at the right place at the right time, talking to the right people and I think that's all that matters. We needed a good lesson on persistence and we got it haha. And it's a good thing we have companions to laugh it off with, otherwise it would've been that much harder.

And the relief society presidency made the rookie mistake of inviting us to teach relief society. Ha. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. It was hard because we were told to stick by the book and not veer off into the abyss. Which happens a lot with me, so good call. 10 points for relief society. But our lesson was on unity, which actually ended up being super cool. Anyways, we were teaching and they were all super eager to participate, it was fantastic. I was kind of unfiltered, not gonna lie. I called Mormons "peculiar, like the freak show at the zoo everyone stares at." They thought we were cute. Which I'm not sure was what we were going for, but no one was offended. And I think they were all awake, which is impressive. 95% of the ward is over 50. It's ridiculous. But it's a great ward, I love it. Everyone's kind of like my grandma. Or great grandma.

My thoughts this week were kind of a lot on unity. But mostly there's this part in the section about how quickly you can build and destroy a relationship. It's so true. What's funny though, is that it takes two people to build a relationship, and it only takes one person to burn it. I think this is for a purpose. Realizing how fragile a relationship is should make us all treasure the ones we have a little more. Be a little more grateful and stuff. The last thing you want to do is take it forgranted. But if we don't have this genuine care for others, how can we expect things to run smoothly? You can't. Unity- it's what's for breakfast. Haha just kidding. Unity- it's what keeps us together.

I hope you all have a super sweet week! Go back to school and go home so the missionaries can knock on a door with people behind it.


Sister Kwan

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