Monday, August 26, 2013

Walk up to the door like "What's up? I'm a Mormon"

This week's shout out goes out to Sophie. Strep bites. Stay cool.

Despite some ultimately outrageous setbacks this week, I think we are doing well. We had another exchange, and we knocked so many doors. Classic missionary, what up. Lots of people were "busy." And then, this is new, some people were like "Uh you're pretty young. When you have like 30 more years of life like I do, then you'll know what I'm talking about." And I guess he's right, but any normal 20 year old wouldn't give up the best year of their life (so I've been told) to run around and lie to people, right? Church is true.

We've had a lot of spiders lately. We found these bats (they were labeled "for companionship inventory" haha), so we've been battering the spiders. Literally. It's effective. And there are pictures, but they're on Sister Slaughter's camera since I was the assassin. I will work on getting those haha but seriously. There was like an egg sack in the shower and I think I killed it with some Tilex. For clean showers, and quick destruction of stupid spiders.
 Speaking of miracles, we have some new investigators! Woohoo! A lady turned up at church that Sister Slaughter had found probably around 4 months ago? And she's like "So does this church do baptisms?" And we were like "Psh yeah" anyways, we've been trying to meet with her, but she's got a crazy work schedule. She's totally ready though. She stayed all three hours and participated more than some of the ward members. Only she's Muslim, which could end up being a problem, unfortunately :( But we're excited!

Then there's Amanda. We took some time to get to know her and man. She's crazy. But we love her haha she's 19 and she's super funny. We haven't started teaching her yet, so we've been trying to meet up with her, but I think she's been dodging us. And she skipped out on church. What's funny is that she works at Starbucks, so we've been having a member who works there text us her schedule. It's odd walking into Starbucks as a missionary. But we found her there and we talked to her and I think there are worse things we could do. Like walk into a bar or something, which we haven't done so no worries.

And we were going to visit this really sweet old lady, but we saw this white van in front of the house. Not like a creepy white one that I drive, but a mini van. We park it and this kid hops out like "Yo don't call the cops, my car broke down and my dad's coming" so we didn't call the cops, we just talked to him about the gospel and his girlfriend and his dreams and aspirations. His name is Shawn. If he could do anything with his life, he'd be a clothing designer. That's the kind of conversation we had. Haha no, it was more than that, but that was a completely serious statement. He was a super sweet kid and he just seemed a little lost. He lives out of our area, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it! 

Ultimately, everyone hates us. But not really, they just kind of. Hmm idk haha but on a better note, we got to help out with a wedding reception! They went and got married in the Oakland temple for eternities, and we set up their reception and got to eat awesome wedding food. Seriously. I was like "We should help with receptions more often..." because wedding food is great. There wasn't any cake though, they had a tart. But the couple was super cute. We have a picture with them! ...on Sister Slaughter's camera.
Man this was long. My thought for this week is on desire. Which is odd. But as missionaries, we can't do anything for anyone. These people have to want it first. All we can do is present the material as best we can, and they have to go for it. The thing is, is that this kind of goes for everything. If you want something, go for it. There's a quote that says, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Now go do it." And I think there's a lot of power in that. How often are we inhibited by ourselves? Too frequently. So get out there and take some chances.
You're all the cats pajamas :) 

Sister Kwan

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