Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2 Parts Chinese, 1 Part Tongan

This weeks shout out goes out to the sun. You're a hot one. 

With the Ashworths

Week one.
Not knowing where anything is, and getting lost.
Not knowing who anyone is, and getting confused. 
Not knowing my companion, but totally working on it. 
Not knowing what temperature it is, and baking on a regular basis.

It was probably one of the longest weeks in my life. I've always thought about just buying a cheap ticket at an airport and traveling and thinking it would be the best idea ever. And I think it still would be, only as a missionary, it's not. Because we're here to work. And this is the Lord's time. So between getting lost and trying to find people, it's been a long week. 

But on the plus side! Me and Sister Lutui are awesome. We are kind of like the same person, only she speaks Tongan. And she's 6 feet tall. But we get along super well, and we're willing to work really hard in this area. This is a rough area. Not rough like hoodlum wise, but rough like. It's so hot out here. As Sister Lutui would say, it's hecka hot. I'm not entirely sure where the word "hecka" comes from, but it's probably a California thing. Or a Tongan thing. I don't know. But Sis. Lutui says I'm already basically Tongan. In that I love food and I'm dark and yeah. I can't remember her other reasons, but language study is super fun. This week I learned
Malo = Thank you
Lepa = Trunkee (a missionary who's lazy because they're going home) 
So really everyone is benefiting here haha

I met this lady named Sister Dryden and I was like "..there's no way this is the Dryden's that I already know..." So here's how the conversation went
Her: I'm going to visit my grandkids back east
Me: Are they in Pennsylvania?
Her: Yeah!
Me: Did they used to live in Vegas??
Her: ...yeah... do you know them?
Me: Jessie, Paulie...
Her: Faith, Thomas, Eve! Who are you??
It was hilarious. She's grandma Dryden. Such a small Mormon community.

There's a lot of potential in this area. We have been meeting a lot of people who are super nice and open. The sisters who were here last did a pretty good job. But this area is great! Besides the heat. That's the only thing that might kill me this transfer haha. But the ward is SO big that we have two sets of missionaries. So the Elders are on bike and we have a car. They have like the actual city of Brentwood. We cover the outside of it, which is still in the ward boundary, so there's the other side of Clayton (it's Marsh Creek and when you drive down from Clayton you end up here!), Byron (farm country), and Discovery Bay (where the rich people live). It's crazy. It's a huge area. If we tried to travel from one end to the other, it would take us at least 40 minutes. But where the farms are, it's seriously all fruit. Everyone's advertising that we can go pick our own fruit. I guess it's kind of cool. 

This week's spiritual thought is about Ether. It's like one of the craziest books in the Book of Mormon because everyone dies within pages. So then, I'm flipping through this book. Reading it, loving it. And so there's this guy called the brother of Jared. And God tells him to build a boat. And we're told at least 5 times that this thing is "tight like unto a dish." And first of all, I guess that's pretty tight, assuming these things are meant to hold water. Can't spill any. And then I read this (it's Ether 6:7)
 And it came to pass that when they were buried in the deep there was no water that could hurt them, their vessels being tight like unto a dish, and also they were tight like unto the ark of Noah;
And all I could think was. Wow. They had to be tight. They were fully submerged underwater. And that's kind of like us now. Regardless of whether we're aware or not, we're always going under. The waters are rough and crazy, and so is life. We are thrown in all different directions with numerous obstacles. Are we doing all the right things so that WE are "tight like unto a dish"? Because if we allow the slightest crack, then we are going to be in trouble. So my question this week is: What can you do to keep those cracks tight?

Love you all

Sister Kwan

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