Monday, May 5, 2014

We all pee on the tile sometimes

This week's shout out goes out to Maggie the puppy. It's because of her that we have this wonderful message title this week. So. Cute. And my mom! Hooray for mother's day! She's cute too. 
This week was a scorcher. It was like 100 degrees and I was only kind of dying. Allergies were on full blast and there must've been some really important things for all of us to do that day, because it was hard. But it was a good day. 
MY NAME TAG WAS FOUND!!!!!! Seriously, it was unbelievable. Remember the Alvarez family? Well they actually aren't relevant to this story haha. Jeff approaches us across the street and he's like "Hey! Sister Kwan! I have something for you!" And I was like "Chocolate?" And he had my name tag! And I was like "AH WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS" and he was like "Well, saw it in a trash can in the park! We were so concerned for your well being" And I was so touched. They are so sweet. But seriously it's a miracle. Most people don't look in the trash can. And it happened to be the right moment for him to look and see, and man the Lord works in such mysterious ways. 
Kolonie has a baptismal date! June 7th. The hope is that her brother will be able to baptize her, but it's been really neat seeing their whole family come back. They haven't gone to church and years and now they are working towards being together forever. It's really neat to see the changes and the spirit that comes with living the gospel!
Oh so while I remember, you probably won't hear much from me next week because we are going to the temple on Wednesday! Hooray for the temple! So not only will you not hear from me until later, you probably won't hear much from me either haha. Sorry. 
So we invited our chiropractor (who's a member) and his family to start working towards being sealed in the temple. That's him, his wife, his 18 year old son Blake, and their 12 year old son Max. Blake is planning on going on a mission, so we challenged them to work towards doing it before he leaves. Now they're taking temple prep! Fast forward to Sunday, where Bishop says, "Blake came up to me and asked if I had talked to his parents. I said 'I wish I could take credit for this one, but it was the sisters.' He expressed a lot of gratitude for bringing his family to this point. Thank you." And I had never thought of like how much more that invitation really was. It extends far beyond what I can comprehend, but here's what I do comprehend. So they will all be sealed together. Blake will serve a mission and share this with others. And really it just blows up from their, but it was just really neat. These small things that we're doing are actually helping. It blows my mind. But I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be here to do it. I think one of the most valuable lessons I've learned is from my mom. She's not perfect but she's always trying to help someone. And a lot of times, it probably doesn't seem like she's doing anything and she keeps at it. That's a Christlike love. These people hardly ever do anything in return for her, but she keeps doing it. Some people are just born with good hearts. And some people like me are just born with good moms. 
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms :)

Sister Kwan

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