Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"His family used to call me Nacho... Nacho girlfriend...."

This week's shout out goes out to my great grandma

It's been a long week... lots of ups and downs. Me and Sister Lutui are doing super great. Reunited and it feels so good haha

First things first, Sandy will not be getting baptized :(( her mom wasn't totally on board. She really doesn't want to commit to coming back to church with her, even though Sandy is super excited for the primary program. It's disappointing. 

An update on the house with the spirits, since everyone's been asking me. We were all sitting there and we brought a priesthood holder with us. He offered the prayer, and he started off stumbling the way me and Sister Lutui did, but he finished strong and as he did, we could all feel the spirit over us. It was super cool. That is what we call the power of the priesthood. 
This was the week of super nasty services. We were cleaning a short sale house that had poop and pee all over the carpet. The microwave took an hour and a half to clean. The drawers took 3 hours and the fridge was ridiculous. It looked like someone had thrown up in it. Fast forward a couple days and we were invited to help some lady clean her house. Well, I imagine that house is what the first house looked like before they sold it. It was so nasty. And there were spiders everywhere and so I'd just be standing there trying to clean something. And then a spider would show up. Next minute, my shoe's off and I threw it at the spider. Super nasty. 
Well. I don't really have time for much else today... But here's a funny story. That's spiritual. The other night I had a dream. I'm sitting at this table in a red room. Me and Sister Lutui are still companions and we are sitting there with one of my friends and Sister Lutui's recent convert, Elijah. He lost his pinky and I was sitting there trying to put it back for him, but it doesn't really work like that. Sister Lutui told me she was going to shower. So I'm sitting there and suddenly my friends comes over and she goes, "You need to make a decision. Like in Mosiah 9." And I was like "Dude there is no way you read the Book of Mormon" and then I woke up. So I open to that chapter and I get absolutely nothing out of it. Fast forward and we had a super hard Sunday. I'm like here. Let's read Mosiah 9. And suddenly she gets all this inspiration. I bear witness that revelation comes in the oddest ways, but it will come. So hang on to it.

Love you all!
Sister Kwan

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