Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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This week's shout out goes out to the activity day girls! Thanks so much for the package. The food was very much appreciated :) 
Leave it to America to create a holiday that has the word "labor" in the title, where we should all have the day off (ironically), but 75% of the population still works. 
People have said they've e-mailed me but I haven't gotten anything at all... so just know that if you sent me something and I haven't responded in a month, it's because I haven't gotten it. So re-send it! I don't know what's wrong with this e-mailing system but yeah. Do it. 
So, as of last Tuesday, me and Sister Lutui are companions again! It was kind of a shocker. I didn't have time to write about it last week so I didn't even bother haha. But I walked out of the temple and Sister Lutui and Sister Lepa were there and she goes "We're companions now." and I was like "Huh?" and then she told me what happened and I was like "Shoot you're actually serious aren't you" and so we have been together for a week. It's been an interesting adjusting period. But it's good to be back together :) she's awesome. 

Miracles, miracles, miracles... 

Sandy has a baptismal date! I went over with Sister Lutui and she came up with this metaphor for the gospel using "Plants VS Zombies" and she totally loved it. Then we talked about the questions she would need to answer and she said, "If I knew it was this easy, I would've gotten baptized when I was 8!" She's so cute. The only struggle is the rest of her family. We went to pick her up for church yesterday and she came out and said her family was going to bring her to church. It was kind of lame because they didn't even show up, but it's ok. We are just concerned that they will not be as supportive as we would like them to be. 

We did a ton of service these past couple weeks. We moved a bunch of people from their homes to storage units to pods to whatever. Lots of manual labor. These was this guy who asked us to weed for him. Little did we know that when he said "weed my yard" he meant Discovery Bay. But not actually. His house is on a hill and underneath there's a hill of rocks and then it's water. So I guess we were under the house on a hillside of rocks pulling weeds. It was kind of crazy. No one fell into the water. Not that we wanted to either, the water was nasty! 

Stopped and visited Janey. Right place right time BECAUSE she was like, "You know, I was just thinking this morning that I need to go to church. And I was asking my brothers if they had read the scriptures earlier today. And now you guys show up and you know. I really needed it." What a blessing. What a miracle. When things like that happen, you just want to go and bring the choirs back to sing for you. It was awesome. She was super happy. 

I'm just about out of things to say haha. Something I've been thinking about lately is the temple. It truly is a special place. The people of Oakland are so blessed to have one so close, and we are so lucky to almost have one in Philadelphia! It's great. I love it. 

Have a great week! Love you all.

Sister Kwan

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